Powerful Storm Hits Northern Europe – Morning Media


On Monday 28, October, A powerful storm hit Northern Europe. the storm was said to be 191 km per hour (119mph). The places that were mostly hit were Germany, England, Netherlands, France and other places.


This storm had killed over 13 people. These are some information about some of the accidents that had happened. In Brittany, western France, the wind was so strong a lady got swept into the sea. Another accident happened in Germany a fisherman and sailor where both killed in separate accidents that happened in the sea.


In the UK 600,000 homes suffered from power cuts, but they got reconnected soon later. This also happened in Northern France, and 42,000 homes got power cuts.  Most of the major airports were facing flight cancelations and delays. People also have not been to work for days, because the storm was to dangerous to go out at all. In Kent the storm started to get stronger and all of the nuclear reactors were shut down automatically, at the Dungeness B station.


1. How can people be warned faster about the storm?

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