On this October Break I went to Mejiro, Japan. The reason my parents took me to Mejiro is because they wanted to show me the house we used to live in, and how we got our groceries and furniture for the house. We took the train to Mejiro, when we came out of the train station we saw some people performing some really cool dances. Also on the way we went passed a 100 yen shop, at first I thought that was a lot of money but my mom told me that it was less than 1 euro

The Neighbourhood near my old house

. So when we arrived to the house I was so exited but all I could see was a wall that was covered in green plants, I was so disappointed, but I could see a little bit of the house .

After going to see the house we walked around the block and I saw the playground that I used to play in when I was little. Then my mom and dad took me to the supermarket we used to buy food at, we also bought some food there so we could eat it while we where walking, like: bread, milk, cheese and some other cool Japanese sweets and crackers. After we finished looking around Mejiro we went to the train station and went to Harajuku.

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