Term 1 UOI Recap

The previous term, we started off with a fun project called Project Based Learning (PBL) It was where you can make or do something which you are passionate about and then you would present it in front of a group. Then we moved on to a unit about science. We did a lot of experiments and learned about the process of an experiment. One of the highlights was trying to make ice cream at home but it failed. The next unit, we learned about the economy, we had to write about the economy, like the great depression, communism,  and more. In between the different units, we worked on our exhibition.

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Last week, we had our class assembly. We did a song (musical). I feel like we did pretty good as a group, with the transitions, songs, and others. In the end, it was pretty good, and we had a lot of  added lines which made it better and more interesting. But I feel like I could have done better as the drummer. I could have maybe practiced more with the singers, and also could have spent more time practicing. I feel like as a class, we could have spent more time planning on the roles. The assembly was pretty good and people seemed to like it.


A few weeks ago, I went to Outward Bound with the entire grade. We did  a lot of things, but I have a few highlights and takeaways from it. My highlights are jetty jumping and hiking. Jetty jumping is basically where you jump off a pier into the sea. At first, I found it really scary looking down a five meter pier into the sea. So I closed my eyes and just jumped off. For the split second that I was falling, I felt really scared but afterI landed into the water, I realized that it wasn’t that bad. But that isn’t it, theres one with a plank, which I almost passed out on because of fear.  Another highlight is hiking, because I haven’t hiked up and down such steep paths before, so I found it challenging. But once we reached the top of the mountain, it was worth it. We saw a really nice view of the islands and nature around so that was cool.

The takeaway from camp is probably that you may not like something at first, but if you try it, you might really like it.





Name: Thinking about my goals Date:
These are my goals These are the steps I will take to reach my goals When I will achieve this goal This is how I will know I have achieved my goal
1. (Academic)

Take responsibility for my actions

  • Ask Ms Cheung or peers if i don’t know how to do something

2.      Be honest


Grade 7 When I take responsibility for my learning
Because im not that strong at it
2. (Social)

Be more patient to my friends

  • I could try to not get angry when my friend wins or somthing.

2. Maybe I can take a few deep breaths and calm down


Maybe next year When I don’t get mad at my friends and other people
Because I feel like its bad for friendships if you treat them badly or yeah
3. (Academic or Social)

Be more independent

  • Work by myself more often so I can get used to it



Honestly i’ve been working on this for 5 years so i don’t know When I don’t need to rely on people and I can efficiently work by myself.
Because I can’t always work with other people, so I need to be independent.


Fashion Project

Hi guys! Today I will talk about our fashion project.


<—- Our group photo




At first, we were planning and stuff and came up with a jersey, but then one member decided to argue about some irrelevant things. Let’s call him Steven. So after 2 weeks we finally got going and got the design done but, Steven was kinda moody so he said: I want dark colors! So we had to use purple fabric. So our group came up with





<—- This!



So after that, our group couldn’t do anything because Steven said “let’s have claws! it will look so cool! we should have claws and claws going down my shoulder!” So another teammate (let’s call him Eugene) he made claws for steven but Steven just kept them! and two other teammates (let’s call them Caitlin and Meg) decided to make socks. So Caitlin and Meg tried to make socks but ended up wasting more time. I the end, we only got a taped up shirt.


Math Test 😑

Hi guys! I had a math test a few weeks ago. I did good on some things and bad on others. I did well on equivalent fractions because they were the first thing I spotted that I did well. I also did pretty well-expressing fractions, because I just needed to divide the shapes into 4 equal pieces. I did HORRIBLE on number lines because I never got how to place mixed numbers or improper fractions on a number line. Also, ratios… I need to try harder next time because I didn’t get that much right on ratios. Lastly, comparing fractions, I need to work a bit more on comparing fractions because I only got an OK and not a tick.