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by 130188 on September 28, 2016

This step of t he project has taken me through a literal roller coaster of thought, wether it was from epiphanies regarding the designs, to the time spent on designing the model that I thought would work the best. I will now go over some of the major changes that occurerred throughout the process. the first one involves the overall model I chose. I initially chose to go with my second prototype as I thgouht it would be a lot better and easier to explain the the audience. I later fond out at least one of those things is wrong. This model required a very high level of manual skill work to be able to be completed to the extent I was looking for. This ended up in my wasting multiple classes on a product that simply did not work. Thankfully, I realise early enough that the model did not to be all complex to accurately show the different parts of a heart. I thus decided that going with something more similar to my first design would be a better option. That brought me to make a design similar to that of ball and cage model. Again, this design had its benefits and limitations, which allowed me to attain my next step. I took the limitations of that model and turned them into benefits. For instance, ball and cage design uses wires and balls which are not the easiest to work with. I therefore used basic scientific principles and realised that a airless balloon could do the same thing in a much more effective manner. Next, for the apparatus connecting the cage, I decided that instead of simply using some foam board which would get soggy and eventually fail the design, I used duct tape and hot glue to make the foam board water proof. The next weakness with the ball and cage design is that it does not come with a specific usable water collector underneath. This seems like a minor part but when considering our audience, I noted that if I wanted the area to stay clean I had to make an airtight container to store the used water. This lead me to see that instead of having to make it, I could find something that did that exact job in another context: a water bottle. Additionally, these are transparent therefore the audience will be able to see everything that goes on. That brings me to the final design, which is studied and explained briefly in the following video.

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