Ukulele – Your Choice! “Oh my God” by Alec Benjamin 💿

How is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this?

The song I chose for this summative was “Oh my god” by Alec Benjamin. I chose to copy the original song by “not” using a strum pattern in my garage band file. This is because the main chords played in the song are played for one full bar. which I believe is too slow for a solid strum pattern to be pieced together, only adding extra confusion to my audio if done. I also chose to keep the base and piano the same as the original song as it sounded best, overall making my song feel more complete. I kept the singing style and pitch of the lyrics the same as I was comfortable singing like the original, also keeping all the pauses and extensions in words the same so the song rhythm would not seem off. Lastly, I kept all the patterns in the base the same as the original, for example, “changing the base pattern when it hit the chorus”.

How is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions?

My garage band recording is different than the original song because I shortened the recording by a minute compared to the original, I did this because I didn’t want my song to be too long as the tune of my song was just a repeat with different lyrics. I also changed the drum components when it hit the chorus so it would show more contrast between the two.

 Ukulele Skills (if you did this yourself)

Knowing the ukulele from some past years of experience, I had a basic understanding of which strum pattern would sound best or if the song would even suit a strum pattern, though during this summative I did not choose to use any strum pattern for my song I do know where the ups and downs should be placed if I did have a strum pattern, as well as how long the notes should be held for.

Garageband editing – digital instrument, drum use…

For editing my “Piano chords, bass & ukulele chords” I used the number bar to measure how long the notes where to be held for and made sure they were accurate and played on time, The original piano and bass notes were too short so I had to expand the note by double-tapping and stretching it to the right making sure it was long enough for at least one full bar. Every part of my recording which was not the “chorus” I made have calm elements within the drumbeat such as “maracas and toms” by clicking on the images of the instruments I would like to play on the drums settings. Doing the opposite for the chorus, by clicking on the louder and less calm elements such as “Hi-hat & clapping” as it made the song more interesting to listen to and easier to tell when the song was at its climax. I made sure to soften the sound of my drums a little as I would still have a beat but more of a semi loud background noise instead of the centre of attention. I also had to be extra careful which placing the bass & piano notes as I would sometimes switch them around. For editing my volume, I wanted the centre of attention to be my singing as that was the “melody” of the song, which is the most important component of a song as it creates its meaning. I also chose the chords as that is what makes up the music aspect of the song being the rhythm and main overall sound. The second loudest components where the bass and piano as they accompany the Singing & Chords. The softest being the drums as it has nothing to do with the main chords and is just there as some support for the overall song.

Time management for your project…

I did not think I managed my time well as my turn in time was not preferred, also having to semi rush to finish everything required for the assessment. I could have managed my time much better and finished a lot earlier

Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time)

I do not think I used my time responsibly as the time in which I handed this project in was not the greatest, I should have stayed more focused during the time given. Though improving near the end of the project resulting in much better work progress. I also decided to see my music teacher “Mr OToole” whenever I thought it was a good time for a check in, overall helping a decent amount with my end product and knowledgeable about Garageband.

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