Ukulele – Your Choice! Can’t Help Falling In Love⭐️

How is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this? 

The original song I chose was Can’t help falling in Love from a cover by Twenty-one Pilots. I used the same strum pattern as the original did because I think the strum patterns suited the song best. I also used backtracks of the bass and piano as the original song did because it sounded better and added more depth to my recording. Lastly, I sang the outro of my recording the same as how the original sang it (by holding the last 3 notes for a couple of seconds each). I did this because I think it gives more of a greater finish and the ending of the song isn’t as unexpected. 

How is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? 

My recording is different compared to the original song because my recording was in D major while the original song was in C major. I did this because changing the major made me sing more comfortably as I prefer singing in slightly higher notes. The original song had him play the ukulele live; however, I don’t own a ukulele so I used the audio recording of the notes provided. I also shortened my recording by a minute or so by not adding bits of the song. I did this because I didn’t want my song to be too long. I made the bass and piano backtrack have a higher volume compared to the original song and put these backtracks only in verse 1 and the outro. I did this because by doing so made parts of my recording have more depth. Lastly, The original song didn’t have any drums, and since I wanted the chorus to be the spotlight of the song, by adding the backtracks and drumming in verse 1 and the outro, makes a huge contrast in the chorus where there is no strumming, backtracks for drums just chords, so the chorus would be most memorable to the listener. 

Ukulele Skills (if you did this yourself) 

Knowing how to play the ukulele already, I had a basic understanding of where to add the notes, where the ups and downs should be placed in the strum patterns, and how long the notes should hold for. My ukulele skills helped make my song sound better and give me more of an advantage in this project. 

Garageband editing – digital instrument, drum use… 

For editing my strum pattern, I needed to find the up and down strum recording of the specific notes. Since my strum pattern is D-DUDU I had to lengthen the first note and shorten the remaining 4 strums afterwards. (The first down strum is equivalent to two of the remaining strums). I used the number bar to measure how long the notes held for and to see if the notes are steady and accurate. I also had to cut the very beginning of each note so the sound would be more clear and smoother. In my recording, I was only using the drums in verse 1. I didn’t need to cut it so I just lengthened the recording to the desired amount. The drums I used was percussion, I softened the sound so my recording would still have a beat but it was just in the background so it wasn’t the centre of attention in my song. For placing the Bass and Piano notes I would sometimes mistakenly place the piano notes in the Bass notes, so I had to be extra careful in command pasting them. The original piano and bass notes were too short so I had to double-tap to extend the notes to the end of the number bar. Each Bass and Piano note held for at least one set of a strum pattern and some parts held for 2 sets of strum patterns. For editing my volume. I wanted the main part of my recording to be the chords and singing so I made these have the loudest volume, the bass and piano are to accompany the singing and chords so I made these have the second loudest volume, and since the drums are a pretty loud instrument I wanted this to have the quietest volume.

Time management for your project… 

During this summative task, I think I managed my time very well because every lesson I would do my work at a normal pace and as a result, balancing my time on this project. I didn’t feel rushed to finish or submit this project because I’ve already done everything I needed to do and I’m very happy with my work.

Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time) 

I think I used my time responsibly and got things done because I stayed focused and prioritised my tasks and assignments. I tried my best to attend every online class if I needed help or wanted to listen to suggestions and feedback on my recording. This helped my song sound better and also made me more knowledgeable about using Garageband. 

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