My Instrument Choice (Trombone)

I have picked the trombone as my instrument. The trombone is a brass instrument used in many musical genres, ranging from orchestras to jazz bands. The distinguishing part of the flute is the slide that adjusts the pitch .The following videos are from a youtube channel called Mr. Glynn, who has made a series of videos explaining trombone basics.

How to assemble, take apart and hold the trombone

Key points

Make sure that your case is the right side up

The slide and the trombone will come in 2 parts

How to make a sound

Key points

Make and “m” sound

Seal your lips shut and quickly blow

How to use the slide

Key Points

Use wrist and thumb to push slide out and fingers to pull the slide back in 

There are 7 main slide positions



To start a note you use tonguing

Make a “t” sound and and then flow air out of your moth quickly

My Logo

This is my logo. I think I put a lot of effort into making it represent me in terms of my personality and interests. I am very proud of it. However, I would like your opinion on whether you have the same thoughts on my logo as I do. Would you please help me answer these questions so I can build on your feedback for future projects? Thank you!

  1. What are your first impressions when looking at my logo for the first time?
  2. What are 3 things that you like about my logo?
  3. What are some things I could work on?
  4. Did you think I used CARP and the design principles effectively? Why
  5. Does this logo represent me?



这个单元嚷我学了很多新的内容,比如全球化,各种各样的公共设施,人们之间的联系,社区的功能,社区活动的重要性等等。 现在社会是一个全球化社会, 我们的生活被影响, 我们选择居住的社区功能和我们的需要有关系。 我们应该参加很多社区活动。

但是,我也有一些问题。 我觉得读书报告有一点难,因为我还在学简体字,但是我的同学们已经学简体字很久了。 还好,我有一些好的学习方法。 当我看到我不认识的字的时候, 我会: 

  • 去网上查电子字典
  • 问我的家教老师

我有一个学中文的目标: 每个星期,我要学写5-10 新的简体,学读15 个新的简体字。

Untié 1 Parlez- vous Français? Le criterè C et D à l’oral

Recently, we had a crit C/D oral. I worked with my friend Kelson. There were some challenges working with Kelson, as he had a rock climbing competition when we learned a lot of new material. It was a bit hard for him to pronounce some of the new words, but I think that he did great. I just got my test back, and I am really happy with the score that I got. Even though our conversation wasn’t as long as it should have been, ( we were 10 seconds short) I think that the content of the conversation content and the flow of the conversation was smooth. Looking back at it, I think that I would have picked the same partner because we worked really well together and I had a good time teaching some of the new phrases to Kelson, and that also helped me with some of my pronunciation. 

Here is the recording


這是我的口頭報告的反思。 我覺得我說的還不錯,但是我如果可以又做了一次 我覺得我可以說慢一點, 也不要忘記還圖片。 但是我也覺得我說的內容還不錯