My Instrument Choice

My Instrument Choice

In grade 7 I must do a rotation in the category of Fine Arts, now I am on my final rotation which is music. In this subject I must choose a certain instrument to play, I have chosen the saxophone. I will list things below such as why I have chosen it and I will also say how you clean it, how you put it together and finally how you make the sound.

I chose the instrument because throughout my entire life my mother has been listening to jazz in her car and I always loved. I always thought the most interesting sounding instrument was the saxophone because it has a sound that no other instrument can replicate. I have recently learned that you clean it by running cold water through the mouthpiece, then I shall take a lint free cloth and rub the mouth piece with it as to remove any particles.

To assemble a saxophone one must first have a neck strap on, then you put a reed on the mouthpiece, the reed will stay on the mouthpiece by putting on the ligature, now you have a fully functioning mouthpiece. You then attach the mouthpiece to the neck, after this you attach your neck and mouthpiece to the body of the saxophone and tighten it. Finally you clip on the neck strap to the saxophone.

If you want to make sound with a saxophone you have to Make sure that your teeth are resting on top of the mouthpiece, that is absolutely essential. Then you close your mouth around the mouthpiece and the you begin to blow into the mouthpiece. Now you put a little bit of tension from your bottom lip and there will be a little bit of a tone that comes out. Now you can change the tone depending on which buttons you press.


Unité 1 Parlez – vous français – critères C et D à l’oral.

I recently did a french test where I did a recording of me and my friend in a conversation so I am going to tell you a few challenges in the making of this assessment. One of the challenges was time management as the recording had to be 3 minutes and 30 seconds at least anything more/less was unacceptable. My partner is very easy to work as we already friends he is also kind and doesn’t attempt to change things radically. I think that I have to work on my pronunciation because I only got a 6/8 on that and was told that I need to work on it by my teacher. By this, I learned from my listening to this recording that I can pick up European languages quite quickly and easily especially since I am from Europe and speak Swedish.

Here is the LINK to my french recording.

Weekly Reflection

This weeks reflection will not include much (my apologies) because this week we didn’t do very much most of what we did was art, poetry and geometry.

We did a lot of poetry because we have to write a poem for the end of grade 6 which is the end of our lower school and each class has to have a poem that represents their class and I wrote mine about not being the fondest about the PYP it is literally called “PYP is meh”.


I also don’t really have an opinion on geometry I just don’t like it.

Exhibition Reflection

Exhibition Reflection

1 week ago I finished the exhibition, it is completely done with. If you followed my blog posts throughout this blogs life then you will know that I am researching scientific discoveries in the twentieth century and I made 5 videos about 5 different discoveries. The discoveries were General Relativity, Radioactive Elements(Radium, Plutonium and Francium), Antibiotics, Quantum Mechanics, Black Holes. The links to the videos will be at the bottom of the blog post if you would like to watch them.

How about we start at the beginning when the exhibition started at around October of last year I wanted to explore scientists of the 20th century and their impact on the world. That purpose was long, a bit convoluted and a mouthful. In around the end of November when my purpose for the exhibition got approved the person who approved it made a few changes and all of a sudden my new purpose became “How scientists and politicians relate and looking at their past to see how you can be like one or the other” and I thought the previous one was a mouthful! For a few months, I struggled a lot about finding my purpose and at the end of the first term I decided to change it to “Exploring the most influential scientists of the 20th century and their impact on the world to inspire people to like history”. Now from January 14th to the beginning of February, I didn’t really do anything for the exhibition because I didn’t know what to do, you see I couldn’t start researching because I was unsure about my purpose and I didn’t know what to change my purpose too! Finally, at the beginning of February, I got my final purpose and that is “Exploring modern scientific discoveries to inspire other people to explore scientific discoveries”.


Then I began researching, the first thing I started researching was how quantum mechanics affects us nowadays. SPOILER FOR THE VIDEO ALERT. It affects us in that whenever I use modern technology such as a MacBook I work with technology based on quantum mechanics. This was almost one of the only things I learned that week, at that point I realised that I should research a little bit at school so that my teacher only saw the tip of the iceberg then I pulled a sneaky on them and spoke with the extreme knowledge I had accumulated, when I got home most days during February I just researched. Then in the middle of March I was ready to start making my video over the first two weeks of starting to create the video I got some feedback from my guide who was a really great and kind teacher who helped me find my way through exhibition he told me I should not just have the video a bunch of google images and gifs so I decided to put myself in the video to make it feel more genuine and personal. Then I can’t remember exactly who it was that told me this but they said that I should try to create a multitude of videos instead of just one because then I can ask the people if the wanted to watch and learn about.


After a few months and 1 close call I finished all the videos, the first video was General Relativity that was probably the hardest 1 to make not that it was the best one but in that it was the first one I made, so I was still learning how exactly to make these types of videos but after I finished it I could go back examine my mistakes and make it better the next video I made was Radioactive Elements. This one wasn’t at all hard to make surprisingly but it was also one of the best ones I made. At around this point I ran into a conundrum I had made a voiceover for the video and then I had to create the small video clips of me that have to almost exactly copy the words that I was saying in the voiceover. Some of you might say why not just redo the voiceover, but that would be equally as hard because I would have to copy the words I am saying in the clips for the voiceover. The other videos are Antibiotics, Quantum Mechanics and Black Holes


Exhibition night went quite swimmingly a few people came to my not so visually appealing it didn’t have some fancy wallpaper behind my measuring action. By the way, my measuring action was a photo of how 5 peopled reviewed my videos before anyone else saw the videos and how I had a 100% success rate with making people more interested in science. A lot of people gave me positive reviews during the exhibition night one person even said that I should show all the grade 5 and 6’s my videos! When I got my marks for the exhibition I was quite happy my teacher said that it was good and I was passionate about my subject but that I should be more organised next time I do the exhibition.


I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post I hope you enjoyed and goodbye!

Weekly Reflection

This post will be a lot shorter than my usual ones for the one reason that I don’t have enough time to do a  500-word blog post about how my week went in 25 mins I need at least 40 mins to do that! This week I have been progressing with my PYP Exhibition exponentially and just in case you are a newcomer to my blog, my purpose for the exhibition is major scientific discoveries to inspire other people to explore history.

You may not understand my purpose, let me break it down for you. What I am going to do is explore major scientific discoveries of the twentieth century and put the information I find on a slide sh0w but that is far from my final project. My final product will be a video about the scientific discoveries, you may be asking what is the point of the slide show if I am just going to be making a video and narrating as well, well it is actually my script, I prefer to use it to a google doc because it is a lot more organised and I can put each discovery in its own section. I also wrote an email to a teacher asking for help with my PYP exhibition but two weeks later I still have no reply which I personally think is a bit odd since they are an upper school teacher. I sent a second email to another teacher yesterday, I am hoping that they reply to the email, unlike the other upper school teacher that I sent an email to.

I hope you enjoyed reading this rather short blog post, once again I apologize for the inconvenience but I hope you don’t get to angry and once again see you next week.

Weekly Reflection

In this weekly reflection, I will be telling you about how I feel about a new subject that we have called swimming we also have this thing called learning cohorts where we discuss our exhibition and talk about research. I will first talk about swimming and then the learning cohorts, this blog post will be a little short.

There are some major things I really dislike about swimming one of these things is that the coach is very unfair for a few reasons the first one may be a little one but the second one I think actually matters. The first one is that she never lets us play games, I know you are thinking “harry that is really stupid you don’t even need to play games” but the things is that every other group gets to play them both the level above us and the two below us play games for a few minutes before the lesson ends, but no she never lets us have any fun! The second reason is that these two girls wanted to be in the same group because she was the only girl in the first sector of our group so the teacher moved a boy named Rian to the second sector despite him then being the only boy in that group and despite his protests, she doesn’t move him back I think that is a tad sexist. One last thing that I don’t like is that my coach always makes really stupid unnecessary changes such as my arm had to be behind my head when I turn to breathe instead of my head being on my arm.

Then we have learning cohorts I have mixed opinions on let me describe it to you, basically, they are these groups that we are loosely placed in and we share our exhibition with people who have “similar” subjects I think there should be a lot more cohorts then there are because science and technology is the group I am placed in and my thing has too with the history of scientific discoveries so no one has any relation to anyone else in my cohort so I think for me it is just a waste of time because why would I share research that no one has any need on. I also think that a lot of other people have this problem and if you want my personal I opinion I think there should be a history cohort because I think that quite a few people could share information on that and everyone would be happy. All in all, I like the learning cohorts I just think they are useless.

Thank you very much for reading my weekly reflection tell me your thoughts below and if you have any disagreements do the same but for now goodbye, I will hope that you read next weeks.

Speak like an Activist

This weeks blog post will be a little bit shorter than my usual ones for the main reason that there is not too much to say on the subject. We did a project (link will be at the bottom) on how to speak like an activist so we made a speech on a subject of our choice.

The only grow that I got was to make my speech shorter I agree with that but I think that if it is longer but better quality I should go for that and i did migration so it is quite difficult for me to squeeze that into two minutes but i tried my hardest and got 2:47.

Here is the speech.

Probability Reflection

Probability Reflection

This reflection will be quite different from the other ones you have read by me because it will be about math and I don’t think I have done one of these types of reflections. This time the structure will be done by something my teacher calls them thinking hats and the premise is that each hat has a question that I will have to answer. The questions are: “How do you feel about what or how you have learned? what are some of the best things about what/how you have learned? what were some of the challenges in this learning? what might you do differently of how could you improve your learning next time” and finally “ what have you learned about yourself as a learner during this time”.


Some of the challenges I have faced during this unit was when I was transferring one of the theoretical probabilities from fractions to percentages and I think it was 6/26 and I found that very difficult only today have I figured out it was 23 I initially thought it was 26 just as an estimate. Other than that I think doing the probability of something is pretty easy as long as you are given the right numbers preferably not in thousands because figuring that out will be a task hard than defending Brexit. I feel that what I have learned is really just revision because I have done a lot of these things before but some things that I am very happy I have learned is the difference between theoretical probability and experimental probability because if I hadn’t learned that I wouldn’t know what to do if I saw it on a test in later grades or something like that.


One of the best things I have learned is how to convert a fraction to a ratio or just convert one thing in maths to another because I think to make it easier for yourself that is definitely the way to go because you might get a better understanding of the question if you change it. I am also happy that I learned the difference between is the theoretical and experimental probability for reasons I stated earlier. If I could do something differently next time was to do more work on it at home because there were a few concepts I didn’t understand when my teacher first mentioned it.


Finally what I have learned about myself as a learner is that I pick up probability concepts very quickly because now it is extremely easy for me to do probability. I have also learned that probability is in general not the hardest subject and I hope to have I again because I am quite sure it will not be a very difficult subject at all.


Thank you very much for reading my reflection on probability I hope you enjoyed it and will come to read my blog post again but for now, I hope you have a good day and enjoyed reading my post!!!!!