Chinese End-of-year Reflection

My favourite unit was the “Festival Food” unit, but I liked the Family Timeline project the best. I learnt the “Festival Food” unit the best. I think the most meaningful unit was the I love my family unit, because we learnt about our families. I liked the festival food unit the best because we talked about food.

今年你的哪个ATL学习方法进步progress最大?研究能力 Research Skills. 我觉得我研究能力更棒了有因为我要研究多在评估。


今年的评估assessment中,你做得比较好的是哪些方面?Crit CD writing, summative projects.


你今年的中文SMART学习目标是什么?你达到了目标吗?My SMART goal was to practice presenting things for class.

今年,你学到了什么?明年有什么打算?I have learnt a lot of things this year like family words, how to act at a restaurant, etc. I don’t have a study plan for this summer, but I might study a bit. For next year, I will try to study once per day.

感谢你一年的努力,希望你今年的学习是有意义的!最后,你还有什么想对张老师说的?I would like to have more flipgrid presentations, as you don’t have to do it in front of a class.

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