Music – Ukulele, Your Choice (Lifelight)

A month ago, we started a new project in music class where we could choose a song and remake it digitally with ukulele chords.

Finished product:

Finished product v2. added snazzier drums:

Afterwards, we had to answer a Google Form to reflect on our project. Here are the answers to some of the questions in the Form.

How is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this?

The original song I chose is “Lifelight”. This song has some sort of a triumphant feeling to it which I wanted to convey in the song. I did this by locking myself in a room where I felt comfortable singing as loud as I could where my parents couldn’t hear me. The tempo is also similar to the original song where it’s about 120 bpm. The key the song is in is also the same, C Major. I chose this so it wouldn’t be transposed wrong and I made sure it was C Major by listening to my version and the original together.

How is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions?

I changed the song from a sort of national anthem feeling to a jazzy type song as I couldn’t find a drum beat that fit the feeling of the song. This is why I changed some notes to be longer than other unlike the original song. I also changed the singing to be an octave lower as I can’t sing as high as the original song.

I have also changed the song to only be a repeat of Verse 1, 2, and the Chorus because I didn’t want the song to be as long and because I didn’t have as much time to finish my song. This is because I my first project which was the song “everything i wanted” by Billie Eillish got erased because I forgot to save the file.

Something else I changed was that in the original song, the instrumental was quieter than the vocals but for my song, I did the opposite. This is because I listened to the instrumental and vocal file and realised that the instrumental was better. So I raised the instrumental to be higher volume than the vocal so the listener can focus on that.

Lastly, the song originally didn’t have a drum beat but I put it in through the whole song because I decided to make it jazz as stated above. It also helps keep the rhythm of the song and makes the song more memorable.

GarageBand editing – digital instrument, drum use..

Because of our prior knowledge in the Ukulele and the help of different websites such as Ukutabs, YouTube and Musescore, I knew what strum patters were and what chords were. I was able to copy and paste different chords together to make the song. Something I’d like to improve on in the future is to remember to always stay on beat. The first time I started this song, I finished Verse 1 and realised that it wasn’t on beat at all and forgot that it was required to add a drum beat which I couldn’t do without it being in time. This is why I had to delete this part of the song and start over.

Time management for your project…

My time management was horrible this project. I had started my first song (everything i wanted) and worked hard for 2 weeks until it got erased. This ruined my motivation so I took a break for a week (which somehow blended into 3 weeks). By the time I started, I didn’t have much time to finish my new song (Lifelight). Although I had very little time left, I worked all day and night and finished in a couple of days. Next time, I want to be prepared for this sort of thing happening (erasure of progress) and always have time left to finish.

Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time)

During this project, I learned to not ask for help as much as it wasn’t easy asking for help online. I’d have to reach out to Mr OToole through Email or Zoom and I couldn’t just ask my parents for help as easily as I could for other subjects (e.g. Math). I learned to Google my problems and ask friends to help out. I used YouTube and Quora to find solutions to problems I had. (e.g. “Input source not selected”) I also was able to hand in my project before the deadline.

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