Crit B Assessment Reflection

We recently finished our Crit B assessment on March 24th, the text was about recycling and litter and there were about 11 questions that we had to answer. My final grade is 22/24 which converted back to normal IB grades is a 7.3.

There were 3 parts of the assessment. Firstly, I think I did really well for the first part because I read the question carefully and copied the answers from the text onto the Google Form. I think I did pretty well for the second part as well but I think next time, my answers could’ve been more clear and concise. The hardest part was the third part, there was a diagram with 3 arrows and an “OK” sign. The question asked what the text, color, and gesture meant in the diagram, which we had to connect to different answers. I struggled with this one a lot because at first, I didn’t understand the question. But afterwards, I was just confused what the answers meant so I blindly guessed the answers. I think next time, at least an educated guess would’ve been better.




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