My Insrument Choice

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first post from 7th grade. For my first fine arts rotation-Music, we have to pick an instrument to play. I have decided to play the clarinet. Today I will share the research I ave done before starting to play the clarinet.


First, I looked up how to make a sound on the clarinet. You have to have the right embouchure.  That is the way you shape your mouth when playing the instrument. To make the right embouchure first press the corner of your lips down on to your teeth while making those muscles firm. Then, you take a bit of your bottom lip and tuck it behind the bottom front teeth. After this, you take your front teeth and place them on top of the clarinet mouthpiece. Then, close your lips to seal this on in on the mouthpiece and reed. Finally, blow a stream of steady air to make a sound. This note is an F sharp.

Next, I looked at how to assemble the clarinet.


  1. Take the reed out of its case and either suck on the thin side or soak it in a container of water while doing steps 2 and 3.
  2. Take the mouthpiece and remove the cap and ligature(a metal piece with screws)by loosening the screws.
  3. Take the smaller side of the barrel and attach it to the back of the mouthpiece(the side that does not go in your mouth). Also, make sure to hold the pieces firmly and twist them back and forth to put them together nice and snug.
  4. Next, remove the reed from either your mouth of the container and place it on the mouthpiece. To do this take the flat, thicker end and put it on the flat end of the mouthpiece on the side that has a whole. Align the top of the thin end to the top of the mouthpiece, covering the whole.
  5. Then, take the ligature and place it over the mouthpiece and reed on the darker flat side of the reed and tighten the screws.
  6. Now take the lower section of the clarinet (the side with the thumb rest on the back) and the bell (end of the clarinet) and attach them remembering to have a firm grip while twisting back and forth to attach them properly.
  7. Next, pick up the upper section and attach the side with keys hanging over it to the lower section and bell again, remembering to have a firm grip while twisting back and forth to attach them properly. make sure to align the bridge key, on the end of the clarinet under the keys that hangover to the other part of the bridge on the lower section.
  8. Finally, attach the mouthpiece, barrel and reed to the upper section again, while gripping firmly and twisting back and forth.
  9. Done!

Finally, I found how to clean it.

  1. Use a mouthpiece brush to clean the mouthpiece.
  2. Use a pull swab(cloth attached to a string) to clean the inside of the rest of the pieces.
  3. Use a cloth to clean the keys on the upper and lower section of the clarinet.
  4. Use a cutip to clean in the holes on the upper and lower section of the clarinet.

These are the videos I used to find this information:

  1. Cleaning- 
  2. Playing/blowing-
  3. Assembling-

Thank you for reading this post!


PYPX Reflection

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m going to reflect on my Primary Program Exhibition. Throughout the entire year, we Grade 6’s have been working hard on Exhibition. From learning about the PYP and choosing our topic to make our displays and presenting on PYPX day. It all took a lot of work. The Central Idea for this year’s Exhibition is: Exploring issues, interests and passions inspire change. My exhibition purpose was to explore the uses and benefits of Art Therapy.

Last Thursday, we presented our exhibitions to the rest of the lower school and at night, we performed an opening ceremony and presented to our parents and teachers. On Friday, we had visitors from another school come and view our exhibitions as well.

I think that I did a good job presenting to many people, and I did a good job noting down everything in my PYPX journal. I feel I can improve on organising my information better and sorting out relevant and irrelevant information when researching.

Overall, I am proud of myself for completing the PYPX even though it was stressful and very hard.

Thank you so much for reading!!



WWPT Chinese Unit Reflection

Hello Readers!

Today I am going to talk about our Chinese unit in Where we are in place and time. Enjoy reading!

My Presentation Slides:

Central idea:


Throughout time Economic activities have developed to meet current needs.

在这个单元里我学了 我们生活中的经济活动 和 新的中文词语和句子。

我做好的地方是: 介绍很好

我要做的更好的是 :眼睛看大家不看电脑

In this unit I learned about economic activities in our daily lives and new chinese phrases and sentence structures to improve my writing. I think that I presented and researched well. I could have had more eye contact with the audience and not look at the computer as often.

Thank you for reading this Chinese post! 谢谢 !





Ignite Talk- Using less plastic

Hi Readers!

Today I am going to talk about a project Grade 6 has been doing. We have been making our own Ignite talks. First, we chose a topic we were passionate about. Ii chose limiting plastic use. Next, we researched the topic and wrote an essay about it. After lot’s and lot’s of editing with peers, teachers and parents, we practiced our speeches and made sure we new all the content. We had to look back at rubrics and other useful resources to help us finish the talk completely.

This morning we presented our speeches to the entire class. I really enjoyed listening to my classmate’s speeches as it was a great opportunity to learn about many different topics. Some of these included Why to stop smoking, Plastic reduction,  Stereo types and many more. I hope we can do another project like this next year.

During the time we had to prepare this Ignite talk, I learned many things about the topic I was researching. Like facts and what other people thought about the amount of plastic disposed into water and on land. I think I did pretty well on speaking loud and clear, but I can improve on using more persuasive vocabulary and strategies. I think that if I could do this again I would change the language and sentence structures as well.


Thank you for Reading this post!!!



Sports Day

Hi readers! Today I am going to talk about Sports day. Sports day this year was on January 21st , 2019. Grade 5 and 6 have sports day together.  In the morning we went on a bus to the sports ground. There we started of with our house cheers. The four houses are Raven, Orca, Mountain Lion and Bear. I am in the Raven house. Each house also has a colour to go with it. Raven is yellow, Orca is red, Mountain lion is green and Bear is blue.

The first thing that the Grade 6 did was the relays and running races. First everybody in the grade ran for 400 metres. Then the four fastest girls and boys from each house were chosen to represent their house in the house relay. After this we did the 800or400 , and 200 or 100 metre races. Everybody had to sign up for two races. I chose 100 and 400. After the races we all ate lunch. Then, i twas time fro the house relay. It was really fun to watch from the stands.

The second things we did was the different activities on the grass area in the middle of the track. First, we played a game called Capture the flag against another class. Then, we did the long throw. Both of those were really fun to participate in. The third game was the long jump where you have to jump as far as you can. We played many differnent fun games and I really enjoyed myself.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Unit of Inquiry

Hi guys! Today I am going to write about the new Unit of Inquiry that we are starting. This unit is under the Transdisciplinary theme Sharing the Planet. The central idea for the unit is Involvement in community action can make a difference to the world. I think that this means that by taking a small action in the community you can make a small difference to the world. For example, if you stop using plastic straws or organise a beach clean up, you are making a difference to the oceans where you live.

For this unit I think that the Key concepts we will be looking into are change, causation and responsibility. I think that the attitudes are empathy and appreciation. 2 questions I have are- What action can we take as grade 6 students in CDNIS? and What local issues are in our community that we should be aware of? Hopefully these questions will be answered by the end of the unit.

Thanks fro reading this short post!!


Hi guys! Today I am going to write about what we have been doing in math. For math, we are finishing up the unit on decimals, fraction, percentages, rates and ratios. We have been looking into these since before the Christmas break. We have been learning how to convert decimals, fractions and percentages. Yesterday we also learned the difference between rates and ratios and how to use them in statements and solving equations. I think that after learning this I feel quite comfortable using these in math. One tool we use for learning these and practicing is Mathletics. We get assigned activities each week as home learning  and complete them for the teacher to see our progress and what areas we need help in. On Mathletics, you have to complete a task of 10 questions related to one topic such as, converting decimals, fractions and percentages or mental multiplication and division. After this, you complete a test from 15 to 40 questions. I think that Mathletics helps me practice different areas in math so I can see what I know and what I need to work on. On Monday we also have a summative and Mathletics is a great way to prepare for it. I think that by practicing enough I can get much better at this.

Thank you for reading!!

6E Elements Assembly!!

Hi readers! Today I am going to be writing about our assembly. Our assembly was christmas themed and we performed a skong (skit+song). We took christmas carols and modified the words to fit the story. The story of the skong is about a girl named Alicia who learns to be more thankful and grateful during the holiday season with the help of friends,family and a christmas ghost!

It starts off when Alicia complains to her poor friend Desmond about her new Gucci phone case and how she wants the newest model, not this one. When she gets home, her parents give her an -phone 8 for christmas, but she wants the iphone XS with a hermes phone case. She goes to her room and then, the Ghost of Christmas magically poofs into her room. She sings a song about how mean Alicia is. While singing they teleport to Desmond’s house where they watch Desmond and his family enjoy christmas in their small shaggy hut while giving gifts and eating food. They sing a song about how they don’t have much except for food some clothes and a Christmas Twig!  Alicia finally realises how thankful they are for so little and how she should be too.

The next day on Christmas morning, Desmond’s family comes over to celebrate Christmas. Alicia gets a handmade Gucci phone case form Desmond and she gives their family a real Christmas tree. They all celebrate Christmas and decorate the tree while singing Let’s be kind (let it snow-modified).

The assembly was so much fun to perform in front of grades 5 and 6 and in front of our parents. I hoped you enjoyed reading this post. Thank you!!


G6 camp!

Hello readers! Today I am going to share about Grade 6 camp.  We went to Outward bound this year.This was the most enjoyable camp for me out of the 3 camps I’ve been on. We went on camp from November 27th to November 30th. So we had 4 day and 3 nights at camp.

On the first day ,when we got of the bus, we met up with the whole grade and the camp leaders. We separated into groups and started activities. First, we played some games to get to know everyone in the group and ate a snack. Then, we ate lunch with the whole grade in the dining hall. After lunch we learned how to read maps and went out of the campsite to navigate ourselves to different checkpoints where we played games. At night, 3 of us (including me) helped make dinner. It was raining though so we got wet while cooking under shade outdoors. The food was really good. This night we slept in the main hall because the tents were flooding due to the rain.

On the second day we went on a very long and tiring hike for 5 hours. We climbed up one mountain and ate lunch at the top. Then, climbed back down to go to another mountain which we also hiked. After all the hiking we took a break and then walked to a bus stop and caught the bus which took us to the campsite. At the campsite, we set up tents and made dinner. The dinner that day was not that good. At night, we ate s’mores and sang songs by the campfire. That night we all slept quite well in the tents.

On the third day we ate breakfast at the campsite. Then, walked to the bus stop, caught the bus and took it to the outward bound site. We got all of our stuff and arranged it in the dorms before eating lunch and doing water activities. We first did kayaking, then we did jeti jumping. They were both really fun. While kayaking we stopped at an island to eat lunch, then we went back on the kayaks and went back to the camp grounds. Before jeti jumping, we did something called happy hour. During this time we cleaned all dishes, tents, bags, raincoats and more that we used while at camp. For dinner we ate in the dining hall again and at night we slept in dorms. We all slept really well that night!

On the fourth day, we ate breakfast with the rest of the grade in the dining hall. Then, gathered at the main meeting point on the Outward Bound grounds. We plated games and ate ice cream for half and hour before getting on the busses to return to school.

Camp was so much fun this year and I think it was the best out of the three I’ve been on. I hoped you enjoyed reading this post about camp!