My Instrument Info for Grade 7

The Instrument that I have chosen is the saxophone. Below is my research on how to open the case properly and knowing the names of the parts, how to assemble the saxophone, how to properly position a saxophone, how to make a sound, and lastly how to disassemble and clean the saxophone.

How to open the case properly and knowing the names of the parts:


  1. make sure that the correct side of the saxophone case is on top (on most saxophone cases the name brand is printed on the top corner)
  2. the saxophone only had three parts: Mouthpiece, Neck, and Body
  3. Accessories inside the saxophone case: Neckstrap, Reed, Cleaning Swab, Cork Grease, and Mouthpiece Brush

How to assemble the saxophone: 


  1. place mouthpiece cap over the reed
  2. to adjust the neck strap with one hand grab onto the plastic piece with your other hand pull the strap through
  3.  use your right hand to grab on to the bell of the saxophone (your fingers should go inside the bell)
  4.  Place the curve of the bell on your right leg/knee
  5. The saxophone and the bell are both pointed to your left
  6.  The side of the saxophone that has all the keys should be facing away from you
  7. halfway down the body, you should see a metal loop sticking out, that is where you attach the neck strap
  8. now pick up the mouthpiece and neck, then take off the mouthpiece
  9. loosen the screw on the top of the body (not too much)
  10. push the neck into the top part of the body with a back and forth twisting motion
  11. now tighten the screw to keep the neck in place

How to properly position a saxophone: 


  1. You must always maintain a proper sitting posture
  2. Move your body a little bit to the right
  3. adjust the length of the neck strap, it should be fairly tight from your neck to your saxophone
  4. both your hand should be in a c shape
  5. below the neck strap, there is a thumb rest
  6. place your right thumb on the thumb rest
  7. going up the saxophone from the thumb rest there is your button, this is where you place your left-hand thumb
  8. it is best to hold the saxophone on the right side for beginners
  9. your right hand should push the saxophone forward and up to your lips
  10. you left hand should help balance the saxophone
  11. your head should be straight

How to make a sound: 


  1. Curl your bottom lip over your bottom teeth
  2. Put your mouthpiece into your mouth (just under half the mouthpiece)
  3. Two front teeth are going to rest on the top of the mouthpiece
  4. Then close your mouth around the mouthpiece
  5. Make a little smile
  6. Start to push air through the gap between the bottom of the reed and the top of the mouthpiece
  7.  as you are passing air through the mouthpiece sightly bring a little bit of tension to your bottom lip and with your mouth a little bit of a squeeze

How to disassemble and clean the saxophone: 


  1. Take off the reed by placing your thumb on the very bottom of the reed and then unscrew the ligature until it’s loose enough to move carefully lift it straight off and put down to the side
  2. Then grab it by the thick end you can take the reed off
  3. Grab the neck then gently twist the mouthpiece back and forth until it comes off
  4. Take the ligature and put it back on the mouthpiece then put the mouthpiece cap back on
  5. Unscrew the neck at the very top of the saxophone (don’t unscrew all the way)
  6. grab it from the safe spot and twist it back and forth and pull it up
  7. Unhook the saxophone from the neck strap
  8. Take the cleaning swab from the case and the put the metal side of the cleaning swab into the big open bell of the saxophone
  9. Let it drop down and put it as much of it in as you can then let the swab sit inside the bell
  10. Then carefully flip the instrument around so that the end of the swab can come out the part where we put the neck
  11.  Then carefully pull it through
  12. put the plug back on top of the saxophone and then tighten the screws (not too much but enough so the pieces don’t get lost)
  13. Then holding it by the bell carefully put the body of the saxophone in the case
  14. make sure you don’t forget any piece
  15. Then finally close the case

My logo!

This is my logo. I have spent a good amount of time to work on my logo and I have put effort into making this. Please kindly give me constructive feedback and answer the questions below so I can improve on my future logo designs. Thank you!

Here are my first logo and my final logo:


  1. How does my logo effectively use C.A.R.P (Contrast, Alignment, Repetition, Proximity) and the design principals?
  2. Does this logo represent me? If so, how?
  3. What differences do you like about my first and final logo?
  4. If I were to do it again, what changes should I make?

Unité 1 Parlez-vous Français

le critère C et D à l’oral

The task was to create a role-play to include all of the information you have learned since the beginning of the year.

The challenges of working with a partner are finding a time to get the work done, pronunciation and developing ideas by adding more content, we had some problems in the Begining with figuring out what to put in the script and how to pronounce the words so we spent to much time to work on that. Next time, I would organize my time better and make sure I get the tasks done on time. We also had some trouble with having enough things in our script and I felt like if we had more time we could have done better. I like working with partners because we can give each other ideas and help each other, but when your partner isn’t cooperating it’s hard to get things done.

I got a 6 for le critère C (communication) and for le critète D (utilisation de la langue), I wasn’t pleased with my score but I didn’t hate it. I wanted to score for a 7 but I can’t do that unless I work on my pronunciation and respond in detail and appropriately to simple short phrases and basic information. Next time, I will work harder on my own time and at school to get a better grade.

exhibition reflection

Grade 6 exhibition is finally over, today I am going to talk about my whole exhibition journey.

When we started thinking about what exhibition topic we wanted to learn more about I was a bit nervous because I wanted to do a good grade and choose a good topic. I was also excited to start my action but before that, I had to research and plan. We started researching after we had our lines of inquiry approved. After we had all of our information pretty polished we started our action.

Having a balanced diet is a very important part of our overall health and wellness. For my action I ate healthy for a month, I researched on what a healthy diet is before starting. In the beginning, I found it really hard to suddenly stop eating an unhealthy amount of junk food right away, so I decided to eat less and less every day and replace it with something else healthier like for example if I wanted to eat candies I would eat fruits instead. After I few days I found it easier and easier to eat healthier without the temptation to eat too much junk food. There were days that I would regret the choice of eating healthy every day for a month and I felt like I wanted to just forget about it and eat a huge amount of unhealthy things again but I am glad I didn’t, I am happy I choose to eat healthy as my action because it made a great impact on myself and the community around me. I learned that many people believe that to eat healthily they must take away all fats from their diet, which isn’t the case. It is important for people to be educated about eating healthy so that they still receive the right amount of food and nutrients for their body. I hope that my action has impacted others to try the same thing.

After taking action and recording it started to plan how our booths where going to look like and order the things we needed for the exhibition day, I was feeling a bit behind because I wasn’t done with all of my exhibition checklists, so when I got home I started working on my checklists and I did that every day until I caught up with others. When exhibition day was closer I got more nervous and I was scared that I was going to do badly on exhibition day, so I practiced talking to my sisters so they could give me some tips because they have all done exhibition before. After exhibition was over I was happy with myself but I wished I had tried more and explained better when the grade 3’s – 5’s came.

Overall I was really liked the way exhibition was planned, I still need to work on talking more loudly. I am most proud of presenting to the parents an being able to talk fluently, the tricky part was to be able to pronounce some of the medical words. My tips to grade fives are to be prepared and not procrastinate because if you don’t the last few weeks to prepare for exhibition you would be really rushed and nervous, I really liked exhibition and I hope people who do exhibition does well.

Ignite speech

Hi guys, this week I made a speech about plastic pollution and how it’s bad for our environment. I really liked learning about my topic because it’s a big problem in HK. I was in a group with Veronica, Takdeer, and Nate.

I chose plastic pollution because it is a problem in HK that I want to raise awareness about. Plastic has toxic pollutants that damage the environment and cause land, water, and air pollution. It can take hundreds or even thousands of years for plastic to break down, so the damage to the environment is long-lasting.

My grows were that I need to work on speaking more fluently and not keep on looking at my screen, I think I need to work on that because I always look at my screen when I’m presenting so that makes my speech less powerful and I also need to speak more fluently because I’m always stuttering. I also need to work on adding a bit more statistics but not too much or It would be boring.

My glows are I have good information about my topic and I look like I’m confident (when I’m actually not)

this is my video link:

Weekly reflecting – Jan 15

This week I learned about theoretical probability and experimental probability. Experimental probability means probability based on an experiment written as a ratio comparing the number of times the event occurred to the number of trials. Theoretical probability means is the theory behind probability.

In the future, I will use this learning to help me make good choices and when I’m playing a game with my friends I can look at the probabilities of me winning.

Next week I will build on my knowledge of probabilities and things related. I liked learning about probability because we also played some really fun games like the game Yaztee, I like the game because I was in a group with fun people. The game was really fun and we kept on shouting BIG MONEY BIG MONEY. Anyways I enjoyed the game and learning about probability. I’m really excited about next week because theres the CNY fun fair and its really fun.

This week was ok somedays were really boring and some days weren’t, thank you for reading, have a great day!



Young Americans ❤️

Hi guys, I am currently really sad because the young Americans aren’t teaching grade 6 anymore and we have gotten so close to them in 3 days, and we met them with a lot of energy and I really miss them. I am literally crying while writing this because I miss them so much.

I used to think that the program would be very boring and I wouldn’t want to participate in anything, because that’s what my sister said. On the first day we were all so confused on what we gonna do, but as soon as we came in the theatre the young Americans were so loud and bold, the whole grade just went up on the stage and we knew exactly what to do. We just danced and sang all together. I really missed that because of the strong bond we had with the young Americans in only three days. I have so much to write about so stay with me. After we got our blood pumping we did some activities straight away and by then we got to know everyone pretty well. All of them were really nice and supportive so that was a good start. (I’m flooding the whole room right now with my tears)

The second day was really fun because we came into the theatre knowing what to do, we were dancing and singing randomly and I really enjoyed that. On the second day, the solo’s were being chosen and I was kinda hoping I would get one because it’s kind of like a once in a lifetime opportunity so I was really excited. At lunch, I was just talking to my friends and then a young American can up to me and told me I got a singing solo. I was honestly really happy, my solo was from the song Come Alive in The Greatest Showman (A movie) The young American’s name was Christina and she helped me a lot with my solo and she was really nice. I practiced my solo all day and I was making sure I don’t forget the words. I miss her a lot 🙁

The last day was the saddest and funniest day I’ve ever experienced, we still practiced the dance and the singing a lot during school and since it was the last day some people were really sad. I stayed at school and played with my friends, we had pizza for dinner at school with most of grade 6. I miss them so much!!! The show was really scary because there was a lot of people and I was really nervous about my solo. The show was super fun and I wish I could relive those moments. I feel like I’ve definitely gotten closer to the young Americans in the past few days but I have also gotten closer to other students.

I am so sad I won’t ever see them in a very long time, I miss them so so so much and I hope to see them again 🙁


Weekly reflection

This week went by a bit slow, I don’t know why though. Anyways This week was pretty fun because we got to choose what we were going to do in morning meeting.


I feel like the class community has a better connection with everyone because we got to choose what we were gonna do without Mr.Brodie telling us. We played some games together and we were all having a good time.


This week my use of words changed in my writing because I’m learning different and hard words like Threskiornithidae and Ciconiiformes, Threskiornithidae means a family of birds and Ciconiiformes means tropical fish-eating wading birds. At first, I didn’t know that it was even a word.😂

This week was ok fun!

Weekly reflection

This week went by so quickly! Today is Friday and its almost Christmas, anyways not a lot happened this week. I only remember a few things that stood out to me this week which was our Christmas party planning and continuing our report writing. I’m really excited about our Christmas party because we are doing secret Santa and I really like that game because it’s really fun to guess who my secret Santa is. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because I love snow and going skiing. I’m a bit worried about my report writing because its due today and I hope my report is good. I’m writing about The Great Depression because I think it’s really interesting and I think this was a good topic for me to research on because I didn’t know a lot about it. This week was ok fun and I’m really exited for christmas.