Peace day project.

A week ago, we did a peace day project. We made peace flags. We wanted to have peace for peace day. When I made my flag, I used the techniques tie-dying and sewing. I tried using the sewing machine and hand sewing. I can apply these skills when I have broken clothes, pants, etc.I think that I got 7-10 because I need some help. So next time, I will do everything by myself.






G5 camp

For this week, we went camping and today, I will talk about my experience.

We did a lot of things in this camp. The things I have done before was kayaking, rock climbing and raft building. I mostly did these activities in grade G4 camp. One of the most exciting things I did that I have not done before is using flint and steel.


Getting to use flint and steel was a really fun and a great experience. It was hard at first when I didn’t know how to uses it, but when I got used to it, I started getting sparks. In this experience, I even got to make a fire. If I had more time, I would have practised more to get better.


Going to camp was a great experience. Learning survival skills, being a survivor, etc. was great and I am looking forward to next year’s camp.


Here are some photo

My light painting unit.

In this unit in Performing arts, we learned about how we can use dance and pattern to make art. We did this because  our end project will be a light painting. In the process, we learned how to draw people. We could not draw stick people because it would not be clear, so we learned how to draw  people for our dance story board.  We also did a story board for our dance. Overall, I think me and my team did well in the process. We worked well together and were happy with our dance at the end. When we were creating our dance, we weren’t off task and really focusing.I would want to better is that we could of practice more because I don’t think we are not so prepared yet.

My pattern block fraction.

For this activity, we used shapes to make a giant shape. In that giant shape, we need to calculate the fraction of the shape. We used a hexagon as a whole.We also used trapezoids,rumbas  triangles. Here is the photo.

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 8.47.25 AM

this is the link:–zCThqGmcAmlCOnexeUNMTEKIOwzI2c6E/edit


What I am thankful for.

I am thankful for all the help from my parents. I am also thankful for my teachers for teaching me stuff.If my parents and teachers weren’t here, this post wont even be here. I am thankful for my friends for playing with me.I am thankful for everything I get and have..I most enjoyed is playing with my friends. I had nothing challenging this week.I also need to set weekly goals.My relationship goal is to play a board game with my parents. My personal goal is to read more every day. My learning goal is to do some khan acadamy.

My reflection from camp.

We just went to camp! It was a great experience. We got to surf, barbecue… My group had a leader called Eilish. Our goals were to be a risk-taker, cooperate with others and  teamwork. I am was good at all the goals. I was proud of my group and myself because we all were brave enough to do everything . We didn’t really care if it was cold or what we just did it.I enjoyed all the things we did. I most enjoyed is the surfing. If there was something to improve, I would have told my campmates to stop waking me up. I was grateful for this whole camp trip.It was fun and awesome. Here are some photos.IMG_9738Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 10.29.59 AM