I’m Your’s by Jason Mraz ukulele recording.

How is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this? *

The song I choose was I’m yours by Jason Mraz. I’m using a similar strum pattern to replicate the original song. I decided not to add any bass because the original song is a really light and simple tune. I also tried to sing the notes as they were presented and tried to tune them in within Garageband.

 How is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? *

In the original song, they  had a strum pattern of D_DU_UDU while I used the strum pattern DDDD. The original song was also a little bit faster then my version. The tempo I used was 75 bpm while the original song was close to a 90 bpm Next, they had a few rifts during the song that I could not sing because I never had any singing training so my singing  skills are quite novice.  My microphone quality was also a big factor since you can hear some static in the background .I also had a different drumming pattern from the original because I tried using a drum pad I had but it couldn’t connect so I used an automatic drummer as a replacement. Through out the original song, the background guitar were not playing chords While for my variation of this song, I used a ukulele  the chords C, G, Am and F.

Garageband editing – digital instrument, drum use…

For editing my strum pattern, I used the provided chords to create the strum pattern DDDD. Then I shorten the chords to make sure it fits within the bars and the tempo I wanted. I used my keyboard and virtual guitar to make the first bit of the song. Then I needed to make sure my singing was in time, so I cut the clips of me singing to make sure they align. I also added a digital piano to play some of the original chords to match up the original song. Finally, I added a digital drummer for the beginning of the song to give it a good rhythm over the song.

Time management for your project…

During this project, I think I managed my time really well. I finished everything in the required time and I never felt hurried or rushed. I had enough time to get feedback from my family and friends and make changes according to what they say. I also had extra time to make sure my reflection was as clear as possible and closest to getting a 8 for all Crits for this assessment. In the end, I am really happy with my work and what I have done.

Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time) *

I have demonstrated using my responsibility during this project by finding everything out that I might not have been able to get help to. I found out all the chords to the original song which wasn’t hard because I have prefect pitch. I also asked my friends and family to compare my song to the original and give me some feedback.

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