This unit, we talked about how we can organize ourselves. The central idea of this unit was Being organised empowers us to take action more effectively, so for this unit, we helped a non-profit organization called Two presents. This organization helps other organizations, like WWF(world wildlife fund), box of hope, Kids 4 kids, the Hub, etc. For my group, we did the Hub. The Hub is an NGO(Non-Government organization) and they help people in poverty. They mostly help children and people with families. We help them make toys and make things for fun, like our own version of monopoly, colouring sheets and brain teasers.


We also learned about different types of business like corporation, cooperative,  Family own business. For me, I did family owned business and learned a lot about it. We used a graph to get the parts, people and interactions in the family business. The parts of the business are the company. The people are CEO, Managers, workers, employees, etc  


For this unit, I learned that when people are more organized, they work more efficiently.  

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