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HWEO Unit Reflection (Chinese)


1. 在这个单元里,你学了什么?





2.我用语言,文字,手语和表情跟人们交 流。



THE 3RD LAW!!! (Rated Really Boring for Those Who Those Who Don’t Like Science)

مرحبا  marhabban

(Hey there in Arabic)

First of all I would like to point out that THE 3RD LAW is actually Newton’s third law of motion and that you will now be reading about science! Be warned that if you are not a fan of science then you will certainly be bored reading this.

Okay so this week my class inquired into Newton’s third law of motion.For every reaction there is a equal and opposite reaction.Now when the class was done inquiring into Newton’s third law of motion it led to some questions.Now don’t get mad at me but I don’t remember all the questions but I remembered one of them. If we raise the stand higher will the reaction force be greater.Now I remember that one because I was one of those people who inquired into that question.The reason I say I was one of them was because others participated in different questions. Now I had to work in a group of 4.My teammates were Ben,Zara and Elizabeth. Ben and Zara were the data collectors , Elizabeth was the one who set up the area and I was in charge of measuring the reaction force.Now as usual we always had to come up with a hypothesis.You can look at my hypothesis below,and trust me the data below is reliable because we tried it like 5 times!on the piece of writing below you will be able to see  sketch note.That will explain the science behind it.I am not going to write here because I already drew it out for you! Also you will have to see the conclusion of our experiment below because I am just too lazy to write it for you,also this blog post is getting a bit too long.

White Hat:I learned that every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction.




Åh min Gud!

(Oh my God! in Danish)

Oh My God! I can’t believe you’d actually want to read this! I mean all i’m talking about is science! and this is just going to waste your time!Well it’s your choice I guess but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Okay so last week our class wondered if a heavier object or a lighter object and you can see below what my guess was.( The guess is the hypothesis). We decided we’d answer the question by experimenting with inertia carts. I had to work with a group to answer the question.You will be able to see how we experimented in my sketch note in the document above. Ashley,Anise and Nate were in my group.Nate was helping us record the data while Anise and Ashley were the ones who set up the area and pushed the inertia cart.I was the one who measured the distance the inertia cart travelled. After all the testing we finally got the answer.Now i’m not going to tell you what the answer was because you can just see from the document below.

Yellow Hat: I enjoyed this example of my learning because I really felt like I contributed to the task.

White Hat:I learned that Newton’s second law of motion  was that 

Falling Objects?


(hi in Irish)

Hey you guys last week me my class had an experiment because we were wondering if a heavier object will have to fall faster or a lighter object will fall faster. We had to make a hypothesis (a educational guess) before we tested it out. Below you will be able to see my hypothesis and data that I collected. Only me and another classmate thought that the objects will fall at the same time.

Thanks for reading you guys!

Blue Hat:I enjoyed organising my ideas this way because it is neat and it is an easy way for me to look at my data.

White Hat: I learned how to create sketch notes and how drag is the force that pushes things upwards.

My Understanding

Changed my lifeDinoemmellineTrojan WarScramble

Central Idea: The Past Shapes the Future

After looking and learning more about history from others I have came to an understanding to the central idea. I came to the understanding by listening and then taking notes from different stations. I have understood that when something relevant and important  in the past happens it occurs the future to change and may shape into a better or worse future.

Who’s Smart Presentation

Annyeong readers… ( hello in Korean)

  Hi you guys and before we get into the subject I just want to tell you  that I will be getting into the habit of saying hello in different languages.Last week ( a very bad time to write about this) my whole class had to present either Who’s Smart ( in different intelligences)  or Growth Mindset. We got to chose partners to work with. Of course I chose a partner to work with because I find working with someone is easier than working by myself. The majority of my class chose to work in pairs. This is kind of connecting to the novice and expert groups except i’m not an observer. In fact no one is. See, we had to choose one of our strength areas to present this.. The options were drawing, writing, acting and . Me and my partner chose writing. Although I really liked acting we chose writing because I think that my writing is a little bit better than acting. Oh I forgot to say. We chose to take on the task of Who’s Smart. On the day of the presentation we were both nervous, but it turned out to be fine.


I guess that’s it for now bye and don’t forget to check out some more post.



Yellow Hat: I really enjoyed doing this because we got to write about others in our task and i really enjoy doing that.

Black Hat: I think that I could’ve done better on this because I don’t think I practiced my lines for the presentation enough.