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Peace Out!

Hola tios! (Hi guys! in Spanish)

How are you doing? hope all of you are one with peace.Anyways this post is going to be all about my peace flag. Unfortunately,it isn’t completed but this is how it looks like so far.

I know… It’s hideous.

Anyways, the process to make it was pretty simple but took way too long. All i had to do was sew in and out in and out and so on. I guess doing this was pretty fun. Now I’m going to answer questions that my art teacher asked me.

1.What is the message that you want to express in your art work?

Answer: I want to express that we should all be equal and accept other diverse races.

2.List all of the techniques you used:


  • Button technique
  • Sewing
  • Tie-dye

3.Now that you know how to sew how would you apply it in the future:


  • fixing clothes
  • sewing loose buttons

4. On a scale from 1 to 10, one being the worst and ten being the best how would you rate your flag.


1 because I didn’t complete it in the time I had and I didn’t involve any words at all.

So those are my answers if any of you guys had the same questions. That’s all from me now! bye!

P.S if you have any more questions then comment them and I might answer them. :3



This is me poster

Oi, gente! ( hi people! in Portuguese)

OMG one of my first work in grade 5! YAAAY!


hehe… right well i’m in my third week of grade 5… sorry I didn’t post i guess?but anyways that’s not what the post is about. Its about my poster (the picture up there if you didn’t see because your unobservant). I call this work…

This is Me! technically I didn’t come up with the name because my teacher did but we can pretend that I did.(The drawings on the poster were created by me so all rights reserved to me). So basically the drawings on the poster are supposed to be what I value and what represents me. As you can see from the drawing above you can see 4 different flags. Thats because I come from 4 different places. There is a Chinese,Japanese,Taiwanese and Indonesian flag all representing places I come from.You might also see a unicorn and a half cat man, well thats because the animals were supposed to represent my thought of randomness.Theres also some inspirational quotes as I do like to read inspirational quotes on the side. So in a way my work tells a story. A story of me from my background to me now.We had to present these to the whole class because the whole purpose was to share about who we are. I feel like this piece of work show how I am as a learner just by the way I chose to present this. Like how I drew it meaning that I like to draw my work instead, and how I think randomly shows that I get distracted easily.

If I had a chance to go back to my work then I would because  I didn’t really colour much of my work nor did I draw to much. I felt like I could of shared some more things like what’s my usual emotion or what do I do in my free time.I would also like to improve on how I presented my work because during my presentation I kept on saying ummmm…  and making an awkward pause.


Questions that I answered:

Does your work tell a story? How?(question 8)

What does this piece reveal about you as a learner?(question 15)

One thing I can improve on.(question 31)

Dove Evolution🕊

चिंता मत करो! चिंता मत करो!

chinta mat karo! chinta mat karo!

(don’t worry!don’t worry! in Hindi)

Readers don’t worry! there’s not going to be a group of doves who are evolved and are really smart who might take over the word! it’s nothing like that.It’s just this video i’m going to ask people about their perspectives towards it!

The Video:

Our class assignment was to see different peoples perspective towards an advertisement.(that is why I needed to ask people about their perspective toward this video).We were supposed to work in pairs so I worked with Samantha to see peoples perspective towards Dove Evolution.The whole class was to make a survey to ask different people.This is how our survey looks like.

Only 6 people took there time to fill in our survey.
4 of them were 9-12 years old and 2 of them were over 50 years old.
If you were over 50 years old then you would have thought that the video was funny and educational.You would thinks it’s funny and educational because the video shows how technology can change the model and it can be such a big difference after you put make up and change your face.
If you were a child you would have thought that the video was educational,weird and disgusting.You would’ve thought the video was weird,educational and disgusting because it means adverts aren’t real and because they stretch the model’s face.
If you were over 50 then you thought this video was targeted to young adults,adults and senior citizens.
If you were 9-12 then you thought this video was targeted to teenagers,young adults and adults.
Some people thought the meaning of this video was so they could get people to buy their products while others thought that the meaning of this video was to show how fake advertisements actually are.
Most people thought the creators were successful in spreading their message,but some people think they are not.
The people who said that the message was successfully spread said the reason was … It shows you can be as pretty as a model if you use their product and they recorded the process of making an advert.
The people who said that the message was not successfully spread said the reason was … the audience might not like how the creators created the video and it does not make it clear that they are trying to promote a fashion brand.


So you might be wondering why I did #THECRAZYCLUBHOUSE as my title,well I named it that way because I’m talking about my crazy and weird clubhouse!

Basically in math we’re learning about perimeter, area and volume of 3D shapes.To do this we made our own clubhouses and measured the area and perimeter of the clubhouse base.We also measured the volume of the whole clubhouse. To make our clubhouse we were only allowed to make it out of 3-5 shapes.The options of what to make your house out of were, triangle,Tall Skinny’s cousin(a.k.a a shorter and fatter rectangle),Tall Skinny (a.k.a a rectangle) and a cube. We were also asked to use to shapes as our base.This is how my clubhouse turned out to be!


If you die by seeing ugly,crazy and weird things then stop reading this post and go watch some cartoons.

OK,But I warned you…

Clubhouse 1

clubhouse 3Clubhouse 2

Clubhouse 4

See I told you it was ugly and weird…

Anyways we also had to report about our clubhouse’s Area,Volume and Perimeter.

Here’s my report:

Math Report

Well thats all for now I guess.


My Own CSI!

Causation CSI

你好ni hao…

(Hello in Chinese)

First of all i just want to say that the CSI i’m talking about is not the police CSI. I repeat it is NOT the police CSI. CSI means colour,symbol,image. You can check my CSI on the top of the page. My CSI was about causation. I chose the colour black and white to explain causation because black is the colour of war and white is the colour of peace. Causation causes both of those things. A thing bubble, a lightbulb, a peace sign, a blueprint and a gun for my symbol. A gun represents war, the peace sign represents peace, a lightbulb represents great ideas, the thinking bubble for thoughts and a blueprint for great ideas. Some people or things can cause all those things and causation is about that. I chose the world for my image because things can cause the world to change. Also if you believe in the big bang then the big bang caused the world to from.

Well that’s all from me today!

再见!zai jian!

(goodbye in Chinese)

Letter From Ms. Imai

Hi there readers. A few weeks ago me and my class 4C Champions started a letter from our old teacher to our new teacher about our strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and people we work best with in class. Me and my class were supposed to write in our teacher’s perspective. The purpose of doing this was to let our new teacher know us better. The letter can be seen below:


Yellow Hat: I enjoyed doing this because I got to express my self in my teachers perspective. It felt like my teacher was writing a short biography about me.

Black Hat: I think that next time I can improve on adding more detail to my writing.

Red Hat: I felt nervous writing this letter because I am bad at writing, so I thought that my teacher was going to make me write this all over again.