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The Timeline Project

TimelineHoloha readers. (that’s hello in Hawaiian)

As you can see from the title I am going to talk about my timeline project. Bassicaly I had a project with my teacher to work with a partner and create a timeline.( a timeline is a line with important dates on it) I chose to work with Caitlyn. We created a timeline about the major events of the 21st century. We only had two periods to finish it so we were in a rush. When you are in a rush you tend to make mistakes and thats exactly what happened to us. Therefor we got a bad grade for correct dates on our timeline.Although we got bad grades on the correct dates we did not fight, we laughed instead.

Black Hat: This is not a good example of my learning because I did not check for mistakes in our timeline as we were in a rush.

Red Hat : When reflecting on this piece I felt very idiotic because I did not check the timeline and when doing this I should have not felt too in a rush and check it before adding details. When I feel idiotic it could lead to anger so when I reflect on my timeline I get mad sometimes.

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Alien Number System

Alien Number SystemBonjour everybody! ( hello in French)

As you can see from the photo I am going to tell you today about our ( me and Samantha) poster and why we created it. First of all our teacher told us to pair up and create either a base 4  number system or a base 6 number system. I chose to work with Samantha  and we chose to work on the base 4 number system. We didn’t get it at first and thought about the place value of the base 4 number system instead of the base 4 number system and also did the wrong thing with the symbols. So when we were using the base 4 number system symbols to divide and multiply we got it wrong. On the last day Samantha asked our teacher why is it called a base 4 number system if there is no four. Then our teacher explained it to us the proper way, for the symbols it was ok but not for the multiply and divide. We already coloured it with marker. Well now I know that I should always double check with a teacher.

White Hat: I learned how to use a base four number system and how it works. Such as creating 4 symbols for 1,2,3 and 4 . Then putting the 1 and 4 symbol together to create a five symbol.

Black Hat: This is not a good example of my learning because working on this I was a little bit off task and did not double check with a teacher.

Who’s Smart Presentation

Annyeong readers… ( hello in Korean)

  Hi you guys and before we get into the subject I just want to tell you  that I will be getting into the habit of saying hello in different languages.Last week ( a very bad time to write about this) my whole class had to present either Who’s Smart ( in different intelligences)  or Growth Mindset. We got to chose partners to work with. Of course I chose a partner to work with because I find working with someone is easier than working by myself. The majority of my class chose to work in pairs. This is kind of connecting to the novice and expert groups except i’m not an observer. In fact no one is. See, we had to choose one of our strength areas to present this.. The options were drawing, writing, acting and . Me and my partner chose writing. Although I really liked acting we chose writing because I think that my writing is a little bit better than acting. Oh I forgot to say. We chose to take on the task of Who’s Smart. On the day of the presentation we were both nervous, but it turned out to be fine.


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Yellow Hat: I really enjoyed doing this because we got to write about others in our task and i really enjoy doing that.

Black Hat: I think that I could’ve done better on this because I don’t think I practiced my lines for the presentation enough.