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Unit Vocabulary

Caram, és bo estar de tornada (Wow it’s good to back) 


Seriously! after all the hard work in school I really need a break by writing and what’s a better way than writing to all my friends from the other side.Anyways I’ve done a lot at school but i’m going to explain some thing really important to our new unit.

P.S our unit is STP(Sharing the Planet) and our central idea is Human Behaviour Affects the Balance of the Ecosystems.

So basically there were categories to choose from to add onto our unit board.

The categories were:

Tundra Food chain,Grassland food chain,Fresh water food chain,rainforest food chain and unit vocabulary.

I chose to participate in the findings of unit vocabulary,but Samantha also chose unit vocabulary so we were partnered up.Unit vocabulary was about finding new vocabulary that was connected to our unit then find the definition of the word.

Since we were a team of two I found the words while Samantha found the definition.Here is our list of words.

Now I know what your thinking…

WOW Mischa that’s a whole lot of words!

Well it actually isn’t.That’s why i’m really disappointed in Samantha and me for finding such little words with loads of time!

Anyways this is only the document.Here is our real poster.



Well yeah.

I guess that’s all for today!


Link to Samantha’s blog:


Letter From Ms. Imai

Hi there readers. A few weeks ago me and my class 4C Champions started a letter from our old teacher to our new teacher about our strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes and people we work best with in class. Me and my class were supposed to write in our teacher’s perspective. The purpose of doing this was to let our new teacher know us better. The letter can be seen below:


Yellow Hat: I enjoyed doing this because I got to express my self in my teachers perspective. It felt like my teacher was writing a short biography about me.

Black Hat: I think that next time I can improve on adding more detail to my writing.

Red Hat: I felt nervous writing this letter because I am bad at writing, so I thought that my teacher was going to make me write this all over again.