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HWEO Unit Reflection (Chinese)


1. 在这个单元里,你学了什么?





2.我用语言,文字,手语和表情跟人们交 流。



Expressing my ideas

Hallå! (hello! in swedish)

Hi guys! today I’m going to talk to you about expressing ideas. Basically my teacher said that we should choose an idea and express it in a different way. I chose to express my idea by making a video. Unfortunately I could not put the video on my blog because apparently my video exceeds the video length limit. The process I went through was tiring. I had to get a load of pictures from the internet that I thought was appropriate. next I downloaded a song that seemed like inspiring music for the intro. The downloading part took a while, especially since I was choosing from a bunch of choices. Next I used iMovie to combine everything. All I had to do left was a voiceover explaining my idea. I was so frustrated  at myself because I could never get the voiceover perfect. I was scared about doing the voiceover because I get stage fright and even though I’m only talking to a computer it felt like millions of people were watching me.I eventually couldn’t get it done at home but luckily our class got more time to do it at school so I got it done at school. It was frustrating because I still couldn’t get it perfect at school, but I knew that if I didn’t get it done now then I would have nothing to turn it. So I tried my best and I completed it. Although  even when I completed it it doesn’t mean it’s good. I definitely was not meeting my standards that I hoped for. I was hoping that I would have some really cool effects and have some good recording but in the end all that came out was a cringe worthy vid, and that not a good thing. I wish that I would’ve spent more time on it at home so then when I work on it at school it would be epic with tons of special effects and great scientific words that I used in there that makes me sound like miss smarty pants. Instead a whole load of eww came out of it.If I were a teacher I would grade my work a -1/10.

Well thats all for now.

adjö!(bye! in swedish)

Questions I answered:

  1. What process did you go through?
  2. Did you meet your goals or standards?
  3. If you were the teacher what grade would you give it?
  4. What is one thing you would like to improve on it?

This is me poster

Oi, gente! ( hi people! in Portuguese)

OMG one of my first work in grade 5! YAAAY!


hehe… right well i’m in my third week of grade 5… sorry I didn’t post i guess?but anyways that’s not what the post is about. Its about my poster (the picture up there if you didn’t see because your unobservant). I call this work…

This is Me! technically I didn’t come up with the name because my teacher did but we can pretend that I did.(The drawings on the poster were created by me so all rights reserved to me). So basically the drawings on the poster are supposed to be what I value and what represents me. As you can see from the drawing above you can see 4 different flags. Thats because I come from 4 different places. There is a Chinese,Japanese,Taiwanese and Indonesian flag all representing places I come from.You might also see a unicorn and a half cat man, well thats because the animals were supposed to represent my thought of randomness.Theres also some inspirational quotes as I do like to read inspirational quotes on the side. So in a way my work tells a story. A story of me from my background to me now.We had to present these to the whole class because the whole purpose was to share about who we are. I feel like this piece of work show how I am as a learner just by the way I chose to present this. Like how I drew it meaning that I like to draw my work instead, and how I think randomly shows that I get distracted easily.

If I had a chance to go back to my work then I would because  I didn’t really colour much of my work nor did I draw to much. I felt like I could of shared some more things like what’s my usual emotion or what do I do in my free time.I would also like to improve on how I presented my work because during my presentation I kept on saying ummmm…  and making an awkward pause.


Questions that I answered:

Does your work tell a story? How?(question 8)

What does this piece reveal about you as a learner?(question 15)

One thing I can improve on.(question 31)

Dove Evolution🕊

चिंता मत करो! चिंता मत करो!

chinta mat karo! chinta mat karo!

(don’t worry!don’t worry! in Hindi)

Readers don’t worry! there’s not going to be a group of doves who are evolved and are really smart who might take over the word! it’s nothing like that.It’s just this video i’m going to ask people about their perspectives towards it!

The Video:

Our class assignment was to see different peoples perspective towards an advertisement.(that is why I needed to ask people about their perspective toward this video).We were supposed to work in pairs so I worked with Samantha to see peoples perspective towards Dove Evolution.The whole class was to make a survey to ask different people.This is how our survey looks like.

Only 6 people took there time to fill in our survey.
4 of them were 9-12 years old and 2 of them were over 50 years old.
If you were over 50 years old then you would have thought that the video was funny and educational.You would thinks it’s funny and educational because the video shows how technology can change the model and it can be such a big difference after you put make up and change your face.
If you were a child you would have thought that the video was educational,weird and disgusting.You would’ve thought the video was weird,educational and disgusting because it means adverts aren’t real and because they stretch the model’s face.
If you were over 50 then you thought this video was targeted to young adults,adults and senior citizens.
If you were 9-12 then you thought this video was targeted to teenagers,young adults and adults.
Some people thought the meaning of this video was so they could get people to buy their products while others thought that the meaning of this video was to show how fake advertisements actually are.
Most people thought the creators were successful in spreading their message,but some people think they are not.
The people who said that the message was successfully spread said the reason was … It shows you can be as pretty as a model if you use their product and they recorded the process of making an advert.
The people who said that the message was not successfully spread said the reason was … the audience might not like how the creators created the video and it does not make it clear that they are trying to promote a fashion brand.

Tuning Into HWEO

Copy of Vote for Mischa Wono

Our (Samantha,Aidan and me) first learning task in HWEO was to make a poster that would vote me for lower school student council.

We did this because we were learning about how People can create messages to target and influence specific audiences. Our target audience were Canadian International School Lower School Students.

In order to target our audiences we used different techniques such as having a big colourful title, adding interesting photos(unfortunately some of them turned out black and white), a speech and adding stuff about what the students may want.

We thought our audience would feel glad, excited and amused but they actually felt supportive and amazed.

I have a few questions about our central idea.They are:

1.When advertising is the way you look important?

2.How long is a really boring advertisement?