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ScreenAgers (Screen Addicts Might not like)

Nnọọ (Hello in Igbo)

Been a long time since I actually posted something huh?. Anyways I’d like to talk about this documentary called screenagers, it’s about how the new generation (my generation basically) is going to be living in a digital era and whether or not it is affecting our lives. It interviewed many teens, preteens and psychiatrists. One of the preteens is including the main host’s daughter and their teen son. They saw how much technology was affecting all the teens and preteens life and saw this as a problem. They examined how teens and preteens who spend lots of time on screen do worse in school, have worse socialising skills and tend to be more negative towards others. Then some scientist took a test on mice and made them watch some videos and compared them to mice who didn’t watch any videos. Apparently, mice who did watch videos had fewer brain cells than mice who didn’t watch videos, and the effect was permanent. So in order to solve the problems with the screen addicts parents decided to creatively deal with this. Such as having them occupy the child with something else and making a contract of what they can and cannot do with their iPhone. After watching this video I decided to reflect on my self a bit. I don’t think I spend my time on the screen a lot but I do now realise that technology can have a bigger effect on us than we originally thought and decided to be more careful of how I use technology.

Trailer of Movie:


HWEO Unit Reflection (Chinese)


1. 在这个单元里,你学了什么?





2.我用语言,文字,手语和表情跟人们交 流。



Peace Out!

Hola tios! (Hi guys! in Spanish)

How are you doing? hope all of you are one with peace.Anyways this post is going to be all about my peace flag. Unfortunately,it isn’t completed but this is how it looks like so far.

I know… It’s hideous.

Anyways, the process to make it was pretty simple but took way too long. All i had to do was sew in and out in and out and so on. I guess doing this was pretty fun. Now I’m going to answer questions that my art teacher asked me.

1.What is the message that you want to express in your art work?

Answer: I want to express that we should all be equal and accept other diverse races.

2.List all of the techniques you used:


  • Button technique
  • Sewing
  • Tie-dye

3.Now that you know how to sew how would you apply it in the future:


  • fixing clothes
  • sewing loose buttons

4. On a scale from 1 to 10, one being the worst and ten being the best how would you rate your flag.


1 because I didn’t complete it in the time I had and I didn’t involve any words at all.

So those are my answers if any of you guys had the same questions. That’s all from me now! bye!

P.S if you have any more questions then comment them and I might answer them. :3



Refugee Simulator

Yup, another simulator. Unlike the other simulation *Go check out that post* this one was actually pretty fun. Sure it was confusing at first because the teachers kept on talking to us in different languages as they were supposed to be a refugee guar, but in all, it turned out fun. First of all, I was put in a group with 9 other people.

Caitlyn, Agatha, Helena, Tammi, Coco, Rhea, Tessa, Peagan and Amber. To get into the so-called “refugee camp” we had to fill out this form that was in Greek and none of us knew how to speak Greek.(At least I think it’s Greek). We eventually found out what the questions were by the guard acting them out. We got in and started making paper bags as we were supposed to trade our paper bags in for money. Some of our bags that we made were rejected but we quickly remade them and handed them in. We soon ran out of paper to make more money so instead, we bought some stuff to help us survive. We bought some straw to build a tent, some food and water. We also had to buy some medicine as 3 of our people were assigned to be infected. Luckily our medicines only cost 23 dollars, others got infections that they had to pay 200 dollars for that. We were doing fine while others weren’t, we thought of donating some money to people but we weren’t allowed, unfortunately. I had some experience with this as I did similar work such as the child labour simulator. So I thought this was pretty easy as others found it stressful but we were treated with the highest class of refugees(meaning this was the best way to treat a refugee). I do definitely think that others chose a different way to survive.

Pokfulam Village!!!!

Pokfulam village.

A village that had been around for 400 years! Incredible!. It was also the first village in Hong Kong!

Now on October 24th, 2017 5E and my class went to Pokfulam village to see how their lifestyle was there. Me being the spoiled brat I am I assumed that most of the people there didn’t have any money so they had to move there. Turns out that not most of them are poor.It’s just that the village is special to them so they chose to stay. Anyways in Pokfulam village, we found some cool things such as cartoony sigs made by locals, graffiti art, some dragon costumes and other stuff. 

The culture in Pokfulam seemed so cool. It was awesome how they got to spray graffiti onto the walls. I wished I could do that. The only thing I got to do close to graffiti art was tie-dying on a wall.(I got in trouble afterwards). There was also this cool thing called a Silo. It was tall and round and you’d have to go through a sorta secret passage to get there.

I kinda felt like Indiana Jones. Going through dangerous areas to find a valuable art. Of course, we weren’t allowed in the Silo but it looked creepy inside. I am assuming that the Silo was abandoned. Apparently, it was used to store different crops. Also, believe it or not, but the streets inside the village are cleaner than Mid-Levels roads. Pokfulam was definitely a cool place. Sure there were some bugs and cobwebs or some other weird stuff like some hanging teddy bears.

I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean but it is a little creepy. My guess is that because the dolls are on top of the vegetables (you might not be able to see in the picture) they are supposed to be scarecrows. Pretty innovative I guess?. Anyways aside all of the weird stuff Pokfulam let me see the world in a bigger picture.( I know pretty cheesy).

That’s all from me for this post.



That’s right people I jumped off of a pier! but… I don’t have any photos.I did jump off of a pier though! I really did!

Anyways now that I have attracted your attention I can finally get on with the real story. Basically, the story starts off with the camp. The whole grade went camping and let me tell you it was chaos getting on the buses to arrive at our destination. We were going to stay at camp for 3 days and 2 nights. Before we went camping though I was put into teams or groups however you’d like to say but I was put into team 2 with a bunch of people but they don’t matter because the main people you need to know are Venita and Caitlyn because they were the people sleeping with me in a tent. Now my thought of camp was horrible. I thought that there would be only one toilet and it would look like Shrek’s one stall toilet.

I also thought that the food we were eating was going to be all vegan like and if you know me in person then you would know I’m more like a T-rex, I like to eat loads of meat. Surprisingly when we got there I was amazed, the toilets and shower rooms weren’t one stall toilets and they actually had lots of space. The food we got wasn’t vegan either so I was pretty relieved. Camp definitely met my standards.

Our group activities at the camp were run by our two councillors, Barry and Tom. We played a lot of splat with them and of course, I was terrible at it.Anyways after lunch, my group got changed into our bathing suits and went to the docks to go kayaking. I’ve done kayaking before but not as professional as it was at camp therefore when I was going to go kayaking I was really confident and hyped but when we arrived and did the actual thing I very quickly got tired and exhausted from paddling even though we’ve only been kayaking for like 10 minutes. After kayaking, we were all very exhausted so Barry gave us all either a fig bar or a brownie bar. Later on, after we were all finished with our break we went to the piers to go raft building.There we met this guy called Nino and he said that we had to build a raft that would float and could fit 6 people, we also had very limited. When he left we all started thinking of what shapes we should make our raft, some people chose square while others chose triangle. I decided to go with triangle because fun fact a triangle is the strongest shape. We had tons of arguments but in the end, we all decided we would choose triangle as our shape.

Now when we decided to do a typhoon test our raft was a little bit shaky so I came up with the idea to add a base underneath so that it would be more stable. After we were done adding the base our raft was much more stable. We decided to test our raft out in the ocean and my group was split into two more groups which would take turns testing out the raft. My group went first to test out the raft and we had 4 paddlers including me. It was super fun to test out our raft and not to brag but I think my team had the fastest raft. Now we did soooo many other activities but this post would be way too long if I add them all so I’m just going to wrap this up. Overall I think the camp was great, sure I had my ups and downs there but it was definitely a fun experience.(Except for the mosquito bites).

In camp, I definitely, I also feel that I have become a better communicator because when we were building our raft we all had to work together and share ideas and I felt that I contributed a lot of my own ideas. Now I feel like I understand more about nature and the wilderness.Next time if I do go camping again I would change my attitude towards it instead of moaning every single day about my mosquito bites and the weather.

Questions I Answered:

  1. In what ways have you gotten better at this kind of work?
  2. Did this work meet your standards?
  3. In what ways did this work meet your standards?
  4. One thing I would like to improve on is…

Expressing my ideas

Hallå! (hello! in swedish)

Hi guys! today I’m going to talk to you about expressing ideas. Basically my teacher said that we should choose an idea and express it in a different way. I chose to express my idea by making a video. Unfortunately I could not put the video on my blog because apparently my video exceeds the video length limit. The process I went through was tiring. I had to get a load of pictures from the internet that I thought was appropriate. next I downloaded a song that seemed like inspiring music for the intro. The downloading part took a while, especially since I was choosing from a bunch of choices. Next I used iMovie to combine everything. All I had to do left was a voiceover explaining my idea. I was so frustrated  at myself because I could never get the voiceover perfect. I was scared about doing the voiceover because I get stage fright and even though I’m only talking to a computer it felt like millions of people were watching me.I eventually couldn’t get it done at home but luckily our class got more time to do it at school so I got it done at school. It was frustrating because I still couldn’t get it perfect at school, but I knew that if I didn’t get it done now then I would have nothing to turn it. So I tried my best and I completed it. Although  even when I completed it it doesn’t mean it’s good. I definitely was not meeting my standards that I hoped for. I was hoping that I would have some really cool effects and have some good recording but in the end all that came out was a cringe worthy vid, and that not a good thing. I wish that I would’ve spent more time on it at home so then when I work on it at school it would be epic with tons of special effects and great scientific words that I used in there that makes me sound like miss smarty pants. Instead a whole load of eww came out of it.If I were a teacher I would grade my work a -1/10.

Well thats all for now.

adjö!(bye! in swedish)

Questions I answered:

  1. What process did you go through?
  2. Did you meet your goals or standards?
  3. If you were the teacher what grade would you give it?
  4. What is one thing you would like to improve on it?

This is me poster

Oi, gente! ( hi people! in Portuguese)

OMG one of my first work in grade 5! YAAAY!


hehe… right well i’m in my third week of grade 5… sorry I didn’t post i guess?but anyways that’s not what the post is about. Its about my poster (the picture up there if you didn’t see because your unobservant). I call this work…

This is Me! technically I didn’t come up with the name because my teacher did but we can pretend that I did.(The drawings on the poster were created by me so all rights reserved to me). So basically the drawings on the poster are supposed to be what I value and what represents me. As you can see from the drawing above you can see 4 different flags. Thats because I come from 4 different places. There is a Chinese,Japanese,Taiwanese and Indonesian flag all representing places I come from.You might also see a unicorn and a half cat man, well thats because the animals were supposed to represent my thought of randomness.Theres also some inspirational quotes as I do like to read inspirational quotes on the side. So in a way my work tells a story. A story of me from my background to me now.We had to present these to the whole class because the whole purpose was to share about who we are. I feel like this piece of work show how I am as a learner just by the way I chose to present this. Like how I drew it meaning that I like to draw my work instead, and how I think randomly shows that I get distracted easily.

If I had a chance to go back to my work then I would because  I didn’t really colour much of my work nor did I draw to much. I felt like I could of shared some more things like what’s my usual emotion or what do I do in my free time.I would also like to improve on how I presented my work because during my presentation I kept on saying ummmm…  and making an awkward pause.


Questions that I answered:

Does your work tell a story? How?(question 8)

What does this piece reveal about you as a learner?(question 15)

One thing I can improve on.(question 31)

Natural Disaster Experts!(So totally experts)

Halló!(Hello! in Icelandic)

Hi there! Hurricane experts (Oliver,Finn and Mischa) talking… I mean writing straight to you!We decided to do a slideshow to 4C because their CHAMPIONS!

Our slide show was about hurricanes. We used the 4 driving questions (Define the natural disaster,Where does the natural disaster occur,What causes the natural disaster to form and what are the effects of the natural disaster) to help us research information that we needed.At first we were all in charge of finding any information we could get.After getting all the information we needed Oliver made a slideshow while me and Finn worked on the script.We were so focus on getting information and making the slide and script that we didn’t get a chance to practice. In the end though everything worked out ok, we weren’t horrible in saying our lines yet we still need practice.

Overall I think my partners and I worked pretty well, although we could work on using our time more effectively.

During our presentation we had  some Expert judges *cough cough* Zara,Owen and Hayden judged us. Our results weren’t too good.

This was what Zara thought of our presentation:

and what Owen thought:

File_004 (1)

and what Hayden thought:

File_003 (1)

I learned from our expert judges that maybe me and my team have to work on explaining where the natural disaster commonly happens,and more specifically.We also had our teachers judge us:



Our teachers said that we need to use more eye contact and give a real example this time.

Other “Experts” also presented so we listened.Then we had to answer questions that were information on they’re presenttion.

Here were all our results:

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.02.34 PM