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Pokfulam Village!!!!

Pokfulam village.

A village that had been around for 400 years! Incredible!. It was also the first village in Hong Kong!

Now on October 24th, 2017 5E and my class went to Pokfulam village to see how their lifestyle was there. Me being the spoiled brat I am I assumed that most of the people there didn’t have any money so they had to move there. Turns out that not most of them are poor.It’s just that the village is special to them so they chose to stay. Anyways in Pokfulam village, we found some cool things such as cartoony sigs made by locals, graffiti art, some dragon costumes and other stuff. 

The culture in Pokfulam seemed so cool. It was awesome how they got to spray graffiti onto the walls. I wished I could do that. The only thing I got to do close to graffiti art was tie-dying on a wall.(I got in trouble afterwards). There was also this cool thing called a Silo. It was tall and round and you’d have to go through a sorta secret passage to get there.

I kinda felt like Indiana Jones. Going through dangerous areas to find a valuable art. Of course, we weren’t allowed in the Silo but it looked creepy inside. I am assuming that the Silo was abandoned. Apparently, it was used to store different crops. Also, believe it or not, but the streets inside the village are cleaner than Mid-Levels roads. Pokfulam was definitely a cool place. Sure there were some bugs and cobwebs or some other weird stuff like some hanging teddy bears.

I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean but it is a little creepy. My guess is that because the dolls are on top of the vegetables (you might not be able to see in the picture) they are supposed to be scarecrows. Pretty innovative I guess?. Anyways aside all of the weird stuff Pokfulam let me see the world in a bigger picture.( I know pretty cheesy).

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So you might be wondering why I did #THECRAZYCLUBHOUSE as my title,well I named it that way because I’m talking about my crazy and weird clubhouse!

Basically in math we’re learning about perimeter, area and volume of 3D shapes.To do this we made our own clubhouses and measured the area and perimeter of the clubhouse base.We also measured the volume of the whole clubhouse. To make our clubhouse we were only allowed to make it out of 3-5 shapes.The options of what to make your house out of were, triangle,Tall Skinny’s cousin(a.k.a a shorter and fatter rectangle),Tall Skinny (a.k.a a rectangle) and a cube. We were also asked to use to shapes as our base.This is how my clubhouse turned out to be!


If you die by seeing ugly,crazy and weird things then stop reading this post and go watch some cartoons.

OK,But I warned you…

Clubhouse 1

clubhouse 3Clubhouse 2

Clubhouse 4

See I told you it was ugly and weird…

Anyways we also had to report about our clubhouse’s Area,Volume and Perimeter.

Here’s my report:

Math Report

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สวัสดีจากด้านอื่น ๆ !S̄wạs̄dī cāk d̂ān xụ̄̀n « !

(hello from the other side! in Thai)

Hello from the other side my fellow virtual subscribers!

Now I’m guessing most of you readers out there don’t know theGenerate-Sort-Connect-Elaborate strategy is so before I tell you what i did with this i’m going to tell you the steps to it. Ok so imagine if your teacher puts all of your classmates in different groups, then she gives you and your group an opened ended question where all of you have to present all the possible answers and connections on a piece of paper neatly. Now it’s hard to cooperate sometimes in groups and make things look neat, but if you use the Generate-Sort-Connect-Elaborate strategy then you’ll have no problem cooperating and making your work look neat. Generate, first you and your group members should generate ideas on post-it-notes.Now when your done that you can then sort, you and your groups can decide categories and if you have any of the same ideas on the post-it-notes then just choose one to use.Connect, now you can connect different ideas together if  their similar,even from different groups.I’m guessing that some of you readers out there don’t know what elaborate is, well elaborate means to present it on a piece of paper and by that i mean paste all of your categories and name them on a piece of paper. That’s it! Finally finished! Now what i’ve also guide you through is the steps of what me and my teammates(Sarah and Finn) did! You can see the picture below and  our Generate-Sort-Connect-Elaborate was kinda messy, but it was fine because our teacher didn’t mind.

Well that’s all for now virtual readers! Bye


Mind Map 1