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Asbury International

Asbury International, a charity that helps the poorest of the poor, or at least those who live in sub-divided homes.

Side Note:

Sub-Divided homes are homes tiny apartments that a family has to share with another family. People usually rent these homes because they can’t afford other ones, therefore, sub-divided homes are the only place they can afford. Sub-divided homes are basically one room homes.


Friday, November 24, 2017, grade 5 classes 5A,5B and 5D all went to one of Asbury International’s headquarters. We went there to find out about people who live in sub-divided homes cope. We also went there to give the people gifts like vegetables, fruits and toilet paper.

we discovered a lot of things while we were there and how lucky we were. I felt sorry.

Now afterwards when we arrived at school we were told to answer these questions and put them on our blog. These were the questions and my answers:

Q: What is the most important furniture for you? (Name three items)

A: Bed, Shower and Fridge

Q: What are the most important electrical appliances for you? (Name
three items)

A: lights, T.V and aircon

Q: Is it available to place all the above items in a subdivided unit?

A: Yes, because when I went to the subdivided houses they were able to fit a lot of things so I believe I can too.

Q: Imagine that if you live in the subdivided unit, how to make use of the space to place those kinds of items? What is your tradeoff?

A: I would probably get a lot of storage cupboards and get a lot of things that are able to fold. I would also pay for the second best-subdivided homes if I could afford it.

Q: What are the differences between your home and the subdivided unit?

A: My home is definitely bigger, I have more space and have more upgraded electric items. I also don’t have to use stairs to get to my house.

Q: How do you feel about this visiting experience?

A: I feel relieved that I don’t have those kinds of living conditions. I’m also more grateful for what I have.

Q: What would you do to serve our community to be a better place?

A: I’d probably maybe every 2 months go to the wet market and buy some food for those who need it.

Well, that’s all from me. Bai!