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Asbury International

Asbury International, a charity that helps the poorest of the poor, or at least those who live in sub-divided homes.

Side Note:

Sub-Divided homes are homes tiny apartments that a family has to share with another family. People usually rent these homes because they can’t afford other ones, therefore, sub-divided homes are the only place they can afford. Sub-divided homes are basically one room homes.


Friday, November 24, 2017, grade 5 classes 5A,5B and 5D all went to one of Asbury International’s headquarters. We went there to find out about people who live in sub-divided homes cope. We also went there to give the people gifts like vegetables, fruits and toilet paper.

we discovered a lot of things while we were there and how lucky we were. I felt sorry.

Now afterwards when we arrived at school we were told to answer these questions and put them on our blog. These were the questions and my answers:

Q: What is the most important furniture for you? (Name three items)

A: Bed, Shower and Fridge

Q: What are the most important electrical appliances for you? (Name
three items)

A: lights, T.V and aircon

Q: Is it available to place all the above items in a subdivided unit?

A: Yes, because when I went to the subdivided houses they were able to fit a lot of things so I believe I can too.

Q: Imagine that if you live in the subdivided unit, how to make use of the space to place those kinds of items? What is your tradeoff?

A: I would probably get a lot of storage cupboards and get a lot of things that are able to fold. I would also pay for the second best-subdivided homes if I could afford it.

Q: What are the differences between your home and the subdivided unit?

A: My home is definitely bigger, I have more space and have more upgraded electric items. I also don’t have to use stairs to get to my house.

Q: How do you feel about this visiting experience?

A: I feel relieved that I don’t have those kinds of living conditions. I’m also more grateful for what I have.

Q: What would you do to serve our community to be a better place?

A: I’d probably maybe every 2 months go to the wet market and buy some food for those who need it.

Well, that’s all from me. Bai!




Pokfulam Village!!!!

Pokfulam village.

A village that had been around for 400 years! Incredible!. It was also the first village in Hong Kong!

Now on October 24th, 2017 5E and my class went to Pokfulam village to see how their lifestyle was there. Me being the spoiled brat I am I assumed that most of the people there didn’t have any money so they had to move there. Turns out that not most of them are poor.It’s just that the village is special to them so they chose to stay. Anyways in Pokfulam village, we found some cool things such as cartoony sigs made by locals, graffiti art, some dragon costumes and other stuff. 

The culture in Pokfulam seemed so cool. It was awesome how they got to spray graffiti onto the walls. I wished I could do that. The only thing I got to do close to graffiti art was tie-dying on a wall.(I got in trouble afterwards). There was also this cool thing called a Silo. It was tall and round and you’d have to go through a sorta secret passage to get there.

I kinda felt like Indiana Jones. Going through dangerous areas to find a valuable art. Of course, we weren’t allowed in the Silo but it looked creepy inside. I am assuming that the Silo was abandoned. Apparently, it was used to store different crops. Also, believe it or not, but the streets inside the village are cleaner than Mid-Levels roads. Pokfulam was definitely a cool place. Sure there were some bugs and cobwebs or some other weird stuff like some hanging teddy bears.

I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean but it is a little creepy. My guess is that because the dolls are on top of the vegetables (you might not be able to see in the picture) they are supposed to be scarecrows. Pretty innovative I guess?. Anyways aside all of the weird stuff Pokfulam let me see the world in a bigger picture.( I know pretty cheesy).

That’s all from me for this post.


Natural Disaster Experts!(So totally experts)

Halló!(Hello! in Icelandic)

Hi there! Hurricane experts (Oliver,Finn and Mischa) talking… I mean writing straight to you!We decided to do a slideshow to 4C because their CHAMPIONS!

Our slide show was about hurricanes. We used the 4 driving questions (Define the natural disaster,Where does the natural disaster occur,What causes the natural disaster to form and what are the effects of the natural disaster) to help us research information that we needed.At first we were all in charge of finding any information we could get.After getting all the information we needed Oliver made a slideshow while me and Finn worked on the script.We were so focus on getting information and making the slide and script that we didn’t get a chance to practice. In the end though everything worked out ok, we weren’t horrible in saying our lines yet we still need practice.

Overall I think my partners and I worked pretty well, although we could work on using our time more effectively.

During our presentation we had  some Expert judges *cough cough* Zara,Owen and Hayden judged us. Our results weren’t too good.

This was what Zara thought of our presentation:

and what Owen thought:

File_004 (1)

and what Hayden thought:

File_003 (1)

I learned from our expert judges that maybe me and my team have to work on explaining where the natural disaster commonly happens,and more specifically.We also had our teachers judge us:



Our teachers said that we need to use more eye contact and give a real example this time.

Other “Experts” also presented so we listened.Then we had to answer questions that were information on they’re presenttion.

Here were all our results:

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.02.34 PM

Who’s Smart Presentation

Annyeong readers… ( hello in Korean)

  Hi you guys and before we get into the subject I just want to tell you  that I will be getting into the habit of saying hello in different languages.Last week ( a very bad time to write about this) my whole class had to present either Who’s Smart ( in different intelligences)  or Growth Mindset. We got to chose partners to work with. Of course I chose a partner to work with because I find working with someone is easier than working by myself. The majority of my class chose to work in pairs. This is kind of connecting to the novice and expert groups except i’m not an observer. In fact no one is. See, we had to choose one of our strength areas to present this.. The options were drawing, writing, acting and . Me and my partner chose writing. Although I really liked acting we chose writing because I think that my writing is a little bit better than acting. Oh I forgot to say. We chose to take on the task of Who’s Smart. On the day of the presentation we were both nervous, but it turned out to be fine.


I guess that’s it for now bye and don’t forget to check out some more post.



Yellow Hat: I really enjoyed doing this because we got to write about others in our task and i really enjoy doing that.

Black Hat: I think that I could’ve done better on this because I don’t think I practiced my lines for the presentation enough.