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Winter Holiday Fun!

Unlike the rest of my friends, I did not have a white Christmas. My Christmas was spent in very hot weather. No the country I travelled to was not Australia or Africa. It was Indonesia, my home country.

In Indonesia, it’s always blazing hot because Indonesia is located where the sun always(except at night) shines. In Indonesia, I met both grandparents. Turns out my grandma(from my dad’s side) knows how to stand on her head. In Indonesia, my grandparents have a turtle they call kura~kura. My dad decided to put the turtle in the pool while the whole family was swimming. When the turtle got dropped into the pool it swam like crazy. It was super fast. I was freaking out then because I thought the turtle would die from all the chlorine in the pool. In the end, the turtle was fine. I had a blast in Indonesia and never wanted to go back to Hong Kong. I also didn’t really miss my friends as I had friends in Indonesia.(sorry friends!). Anyways after about a week in Indonesia my mom, dad and I decided to go on a 4-day road trip with my older cousins.  It was super fun, we saw old statues that were built like 1000 years ago and some relics too. Unfortunately, the trip had to end. It was time to say goodbye to my grandparents and go back to Hong Kong.