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Young Americans

January 9th, 2019, the whole entire grade will start to work on performance with some people who work in a group called Young Americans. The performance will be us, the grade 6 dancing and the few selected of us sing. Now I am absolutely terrified of this experience, I hate the idea of performing in front of others and I get extremely nervous. I’m mainly scared that I might mess up during one of the acts and lots of people might be watching so they will be watching me fail. The thing is I don’t know how Young Americans work, and I don’t like to be involved in things I don’t know a lot about. There’s also the fact that I don’t like dancing, don’t get me wrong It’s a beautiful art form… just that I myself don’t like to dance, this connecting with the whole performing thing. I do understand that Young Americans are supposed to be teaching you dance and singing while making you more confident and higher your self-esteem but I’m not sure how comfortable

Day 1:

We had started Young Americans… It was somewhat what I expected. I knew a little about what we were going to do because I have a grade 7 friend who had told a little bit about what was to expect on the first day. We were also split into 3 groups based on our birth month, my group is called the Squirrel Bros. We were mainly dancing today and a little bit of singing.  I like the singing over dancing because you don’t have to move much. My favorite part was probably the part where most of us sang in front of others alone because I got to hear everyone’s voices. I wasn’t really shocked by anyone because I already knew they had amazing voices. The hardest part for me was memorizing the dances, also the fact that I literally can’t dance, this will definitely be a struggle for me. I was very nervous when dancing because I guess I wasn’t used to dancing, I was also constantly worrying about memorizing and not messing up that I did forget the dance and messed it up.

Day 2:

Another day of Young Americans is another day of singing and dancing. Young Americans this time was a little different, sure we still rehearsed and learnt new acts for the show but today we had made up our own songs and dances. I didn’t really participate as I didn’t really know what our dances/songs seem to like. Though it didn’t really matter because everyone else in my group had ideas. Today I felt a little bit more comfortable than yesterday dancing and singing because I learnt to feel a little more comfortable with the people we were dancing with. Still a little worried though because we only have 1 and a half days left to rehearse, and I’m pretty sure we still had some dances to learn. Also, I can’t remember some of the dances but it’s fine I’ll just look at everyone else.

Day 3:

Today was performance day, the show was gonna be at 6:00 pm – 7:45 pm. Before the show, we learnt some more dances and songs as long as doing a whole rerun of the show. I got to see everyone do their solos that they had gotten and seen some of the other group’s dances. We had also gotten our Young American’s shirts for the performance, they were blue with short sleeves, though they only had sizes large so I had to shorten the length by knotting my shirt on the side. After some more practicing and rehearsing we were allowed a break from 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm including our dinner. I decided for my break that I would hang out on the 6th-floor pitch since I felt that place to be calmer than other places even though people would be talking loudly. Then we had some pizza for dinner, a lot of people were excited about that, I was meh about it because I didn’t really like pizza a lot. After that performance, I’m pretty sure lots of people were feeling anxious and or excited, though when we got to the LLAC we found out that we weren’t performing first. The Young Americans actually had a show prepared to perform themselves, the show was very professional and they had very nice costumes. Then after their show, they had a 15-minute break which gave us time to get on stage and prepare, now I was feeling nervous and forgot the order of our dances, I also had messed up the opening dance by going up at the wrong time. The rest of the dances went okay and according to plan, when I was done performing the first act I realized it wasn’t as bad because the parents wouldn’t realize one mistake as long as you were at the back and luck for me I was at the back. At the end of the show some of my classmates were crying or asking for signatures from the Young Americans, and the parents were applauding or talking to their own kids.