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Γεια σε όλους

Geia se ólous

(hi there everyone in Greek)

OMG!!! I don’t know why some people will say Disneyland is so babyish I mean it’s so fun!!! Now some of you might be thinking this: “seriously girl!? Disneyland is so babyish I mean really! with all the princesses and princes…” . Now I know about the princesses and princes and all that and all that but it’s actually really relaxing to act look a reception again! espacially now since I can ride all the cool rides there!Man I don’t know about you guys but I had a blast winter break even though I just stayed in Hong Kong and only went to Disneyland I still had an awesome winter break!too bad school is starting soon. 🙁  it’s not like I don’t like school it’s just that the winter holiday gave me a chance to be lazy.

Well anyways that’s all I wanted to say to you guys! Goodbye!

Blogging Goals

Today I read some winning blogs from 2015 Edublog award. I really liked Ethan’s one because his blog tells you a lot of information. I also liked Simply Aubree’s blog because she had some interesting titles.

After reading these blogs I have decided that before the winter break I will write more about school and my life outside of school. I will also add some interesting titles with it. The reason I chose these goals is because when I saw the winning students blog I saw that they wrote a lot about their school and outside life, they also adding interesting titles. I believe that these are the ways they attracted readers.

A Cooler Blog!

imgresHey there readers! Wanna check out a cooler blog then my one?(every other blog is actually cooler than my one). They might be in the same class as me but they have some interesting post!Click here to check it out! Trust me you’d wanna check it out as it  is awesome! but if you don’t then I don’t really mind, I mean it’s your loss, but really you should check out their blog. I know what you must be thinking, no I’m not doing this for business I’m doing this because I feel pity that you don’t know this awesome blog. So check it out and subscribe to it!😃

First Grade 4 Field Trip!

Mueseum Field Trip

Yay!!! ( sorry about not using another language to say yay. Couldn’t think of one.)

Finally we get to go on a field trip, I’ve been waiting forever!.( By we I mean the whole grade)
I should probably tell you where we all went. Me and the whole grade went to the Hong Kong History Museum.Located in Kowloon . We got to chose the exhibits we wanted to go to. The choices were Japanese Occupation, Modern Metropolis Return to China, The Opium Wars and The Cession of Hong Kong and Birth and Early Growth of the City. I chose Modern Metropolis Return to China. In my group was Samantha, Ben and Owen. Our guardian was Samantha’s mum.My exhibit was about Hong Kong’s life under the British and why the british returned  Hong Kong back to China. I just want to say that the british were so nice! I say that because they gave Hong Kong’s kids free education.

Well thats all I’ve got to say folks! If you want to know more about Hong Kong’s history then I suggest going there.Now there might’ve only been four exhibits that i could’ve chose but really there were actually more!I guess the teachers only chose those four because they were the most interesting.

Bye and don’t forget to check out more post!


My Observing Experience

Observing Experts    Observing Novice

Observing Experts                                                         Observing Novice


Konichiwa readers!

(That’s hello in Japanese)

Today I will be talking about my experience observing everybody in the novice group and the expert  group. See I was chosen to be an observer by my teacher. I was chosen to be an observer like three other classmates. The reason there had to be four observers is because is because there are four novice groups (things we are not good at) and four expert groups( things we are not good at). The four novice groups were acting, drawing, building models and writing. The expert groups were the same. I was in charge of observing the novice and expert acting group. By the way being an observer isn’t as easy as you think. People are always trying to see what you wrote about the group. Also it’s hard for me to give them bad grades when they are bad because it’s hard for me to be strict. That’s why next time if I ever become a observer again i’m gonna have to be strict. Now to forget the negative and remember the positive I think being a observer was pretty fun.

Yellow Hat: I enjoyed doing this because I get to observe people and see the difrence  between the novice group and the expert group.

Black Hat: I think next time I have to be a stricter observer.




Joining 4C Champions

Hi there you. This is my first blog post and you’re reading it. Well anyways let’s get on about me. I’m starting grade 4 in class 4C Champions. I have very few after school activities. Such as, swimming and tennis. I don’t include them as my hobbies though considering i’m not too crazy about it. Just so you should know I like reading so much that i find squirt and library my favourite subject. Also another thing i’m looking forward to in grade 4 is all the field trips and camp. Camp seems like so much fun because you can live in the wild and experience new things. Apart from favourite subjects and things I like i’m gonna talk about things I need help with. Like math and writing so if you think that this is a bad piece of writing than now you know why. As most of you know that to make a blog you need a computer, and that is correct.The reason i’m bring this up is because my teacher takes computers really seriously and if we drop our laptop or play games on our laptops he(my teacher is a boy) will consider this is as irresponsible use of technology.


Well that’s it for now i guess. Don’t forget to check out some of the other post.