Design Crit C – Logo

Pls give feedback I’m desperate ;-;

  • What does my logo represent to you
  • What changes do you suggest I make
  • What do you think about my:
    • Colour Choice
    • Wording style
    • Format
    • etc.

6 thoughts on “Design Crit C – Logo

  1. Your logo represents you as your initials are on it and i dont know why but it kinda looks like a gaming logo.

    Next time maybe try adding more shapes or different shades of color to it to make it “pop” more.

    I think your color choice is great, although doesn’t match you as a person, it is a very chill but warm color and I think many people enjoy that. Love the wording style, kinda wonky but also what makes it special.Your Format is also fine, I don’t have anything against it.

  2. This logo isn’t that bad.

    This shows that you are a modern and mellow person.

    I would suggest removing the X between because it is a little bit confusing what it is.

    Your color, format, shape and wording choice describes you really well. Especially, I am pretty sure that you are modern. (LOL)

    Your logo is pretty cool!

  3. I really enjoy your colour choice and your creativity, how you used your initials and turn it into your logo. Overall I really liked your logo and I don’t think you should change anything.

  4. What does my logo represent to you: Like a modern, kind of cozy vibe
    What changes do you suggest I make: Make the lines of M & W sTrAiGht (sorry its kind of annoying me)
    What do you think about my:
    Colour Choice: It’s good that you stuck to one color/2 colors. Sometimes people get too overboard with colors and they end up looking kind of crazy. It also gives people (at least me) a chill vibe.
    Wording style: “odern ellow” looks very nice & modern. It matches the move. The thing i would improve is the M & W. sTrAiGhT lInEs pLssss :>

  5. I think your design is fine. I like how you put your words vertically , the colour is nice too. I also like how you drew the whole logo out instead of typing the words out and fill it with colour, you actually spend a lot of time on it.

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