Unité 1 Parlez – Vous Français – Critères C et D à l’oral

Crit C Task:

  • interact in simple and rehearsed exchanges, using verbal languages
  • use basic phrases to communicate ideas, feelings and information on a variety of aspects of everyday topics
  • communicate with a sense of audience

Crit D Task:

  • speak using a basic range of vocabulary, grammatical structures and convention
  • use clear pronunciation and intonation
  • organise basic information and use a range of basic cohesive devices
  • use language to suit the context of introducing yourself

Crit C Grade: 5/8

Crit D grade: 4/8

Some problems I have are with my S’s at the end of my words and pronunciation in general. Other problems are grammar because the notes I took sometimes missed words or letters in them, plus when typing the script Grammarly kept interrupting and changing our words. For time management we did okay, we got distracted a lot but luckily got the work done in the end. As for the work ethic of my partner, I think I worked pretty well with her it’s just that our lack of French knowledge stopped us from really doing much and instead got us distracted a lot.

What did I learn about myself?

I honestly don’t think I learnt anything about myself other than the fact I suck at languages because I have a horrible memory.

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