What did I do this week that made me think really hard? (Week 4 Reflection)

One thing that made me think really think hard was an activity in math called “What is the pattern?”. We had to see a pattern between 3 shapes. I came up with a formula that showed how the shapes made a growing pattern. Though when I saw other people’s patterns I saw how different it was to my one. Most of the patterns were pretty similar. This made me think really deeply into the activity causing me to make my formula a little complicated. Questions like “Perhaps I should change it as my formula is too complicated ?” or “ Did I not notice something?” appeared in my head whilst I was doing the math problem. I tried to see how many other patterns I could find but I could only find 2, one being my formula and the other being the most common pattern people used. After finding all of this out I wanted to see was there perhaps a difference in the way we saw things? Perhaps my mind just makes things too complicated. In the end, I didn’t finish it as Ms B had told me I could. I was only halfway through with solving the problem with my formula. Next time maybe I should try solving the problem in a simpler way instead of making things too complicated.   

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