ScreenAgers (Screen Addicts Might not like)

Nnọọ (Hello in Igbo)

Been a long time since I actually posted something huh?. Anyways I’d like to talk about this documentary called screenagers, it’s about how the new generation (my generation basically) is going to be living in a digital era and whether or not it is affecting our lives. It interviewed many teens, preteens and psychiatrists. One of the preteens is including the main host’s daughter and their teen son. They saw how much technology was affecting all the teens and preteens life and saw this as a problem. They examined how teens and preteens who spend lots of time on screen do worse in school, have worse socialising skills and tend to be more negative towards others. Then some scientist took a test on mice and made them watch some videos and compared them to mice who didn’t watch any videos. Apparently, mice who did watch videos had fewer brain cells than mice who didn’t watch videos, and the effect was permanent. So in order to solve the problems with the screen addicts parents decided to creatively deal with this. Such as having them occupy the child with something else and making a contract of what they can and cannot do with their iPhone. After watching this video I decided to reflect on my self a bit. I don’t think I spend my time on the screen a lot but I do now realise that technology can have a bigger effect on us than we originally thought and decided to be more careful of how I use technology.

Trailer of Movie:


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