Digital Reflection

HI THERE! I have just finished filling in my Digital Reflection. I would like those who have permission to go into my red binder and check it out.

One thought on “Digital Reflection

  1. Mischa, it is great to see you have used a variety of products as evidence of your developing Digital Literacy. I agree with Level 1 on the ‘Planning Strand’ but I think this is something that you will quickly be able to improve on as you see the value in doing so. Using Canva to create you infographic is a good example of you adapting and applying your skills to a new software package. I am so glad to see you are using Google Drawing. I would have actually put you at Level 2 for ‘Organising Information’. A better piece to show how you use digital information may have been your STP research template which shows how you focused on relevant and reliable sources. I also would have put you at Level 2 for your game in the ‘Creating’ Strand as you created a purposeful product that meet the requirements of the charity, the TwoPresent guidelines and the unit Success Criteria. I like how you used evidence from your Chinese class for the ‘Connecting’ Strand. The class discussion about this strand has highlighted the need for more activities that require you to create as a group. I look forward to see your progress as we continue with this and update it in the future.

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