Peace Out!

Hola tios! (Hi guys! in Spanish)

How are you doing? hope all of you are one with peace.Anyways this post is going to be all about my peace flag. Unfortunately,it isn’t completed but this is how it looks like so far.

I know… It’s hideous.

Anyways, the process to make it was pretty simple but took way too long. All i had to do was sew in and out in and out and so on. I guess doing this was pretty fun. Now I’m going to answer questions that my art teacher asked me.

1.What is the message that you want to express in your art work?

Answer: I want to express that we should all be equal and accept other diverse races.

2.List all of the techniques you used:


  • Button technique
  • Sewing
  • Tie-dye

3.Now that you know how to sew how would you apply it in the future:


  • fixing clothes
  • sewing loose buttons

4. On a scale from 1 to 10, one being the worst and ten being the best how would you rate your flag.


1 because I didn’t complete it in the time I had and I didn’t involve any words at all.

So those are my answers if any of you guys had the same questions. That’s all from me now! bye!

P.S if you have any more questions then comment them and I might answer them. :3



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