Refugee Simulator

Yup, another simulator. Unlike the other simulation *Go check out that post* this one was actually pretty fun. Sure it was confusing at first because the teachers kept on talking to us in different languages as they were supposed to be a refugee guar, but in all, it turned out fun. First of all, I was put in a group with 9 other people.

Caitlyn, Agatha, Helena, Tammi, Coco, Rhea, Tessa, Peagan and Amber. To get into the so-called “refugee camp” we had to fill out this form that was in Greek and none of us knew how to speak Greek.(At least I think it’s Greek). We eventually found out what the questions were by the guard acting them out. We got in and started making paper bags as we were supposed to trade our paper bags in for money. Some of our bags that we made were rejected but we quickly remade them and handed them in. We soon ran out of paper to make more money so instead, we bought some stuff to help us survive. We bought some straw to build a tent, some food and water. We also had to buy some medicine as 3 of our people were assigned to be infected. Luckily our medicines only cost 23 dollars, others got infections that they had to pay 200 dollars for that. We were doing fine while others weren’t, we thought of donating some money to people but we weren’t allowed, unfortunately. I had some experience with this as I did similar work such as the child labour simulator. So I thought this was pretty easy as others found it stressful but we were treated with the highest class of refugees(meaning this was the best way to treat a refugee). I do definitely think that others chose a different way to survive.

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