Goal Setting

Hold up! before you read this post I just wanna tell you that this is my English goal setting not my Chinese if any of you were wondering. Anyways continue on!


Hi, guys so awhile ago I had a 3-way goal setting with me, my teacher and my mom.(Basically a meeting with my teacher, my mother/father and I).  During the meeting, we talked about my weaknesses and strengths and what I should maybe improve on. So we’re basically deciding my goals that I should work on this year. This year (unlike the other years) I chose very specific goals for myself. If you’d like to know more then click here to go to my Red Binder. If you do look at the document then you will notice that there is something called weekly reflection. It’s how we share how we worked on our goal this week so that our teacher will have evidence of us working on our goal.  Our learning review for our goal is on January the 19th where our parents will come back and sit with us and our teachers to review our goal.


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