My Chinese SMART Goal is to not get distracted or daydream during class

Specific: Take down Notes

Measurable: Make a Card to remind Self

Attainable: Participate More in class

Realistic: Read a book when distracted

Timely: 2 months class Dojo Points


My smart goal reflection:

I improved a little on staying on task but did not accomplish it.I did not do well On DoJo points but still stayed on task. This year I would like to focus on Commitment but my side goal is distraction. Commitment because sometimes I don’t participate in class or do homework. Sometimes I forget or I can do it but I’m too lazy to. To work on my new goal I  will make sure I do all my work and raise my hands up whenever I can, I will also work on writing a new Chinese word everyday for 5 times. When there is a assessment I will study everyday. In 3 months I will check my Dojo Points.

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