Åh min Gud!

(Oh my God! in Danish)

Oh My God! I can’t believe you’d actually want to read this! I mean all i’m talking about is science! and this is just going to waste your time!Well it’s your choice I guess but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Okay so last week our class wondered if a heavier object or a lighter object and you can see below what my guess was.( The guess is the hypothesis). We decided we’d answer the question by experimenting with inertia carts. I had to work with a group to answer the question.You will be able to see how we experimented in my sketch note in the document above. Ashley,Anise and Nate were in my group.Nate was helping us record the data while Anise and Ashley were the ones who set up the area and pushed the inertia cart.I was the one who measured the distance the inertia cart travelled. After all the testing we finally got the answer.Now i’m not going to tell you what the answer was because you can just see from the document below.

Yellow Hat: I enjoyed this example of my learning because I really felt like I contributed to the task.

White Hat:I learned that Newton’s second law of motion  was that 

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