The Timeline Project

TimelineHoloha readers. (that’s hello in Hawaiian)

As you can see from the title I am going to talk about my timeline project. Bassicaly I had a project with my teacher to work with a partner and create a timeline.( a timeline is a line with important dates on it) I chose to work with Caitlyn. We created a timeline about the major events of the 21st century. We only had two periods to finish it so we were in a rush. When you are in a rush you tend to make mistakes and thats exactly what happened to us. Therefor we got a bad grade for correct dates on our timeline.Although we got bad grades on the correct dates we did not fight, we laughed instead.

Black Hat: This is not a good example of my learning because I did not check for mistakes in our timeline as we were in a rush.

Red Hat : When reflecting on this piece I felt very idiotic because I did not check the timeline and when doing this I should have not felt too in a rush and check it before adding details. When I feel idiotic it could lead to anger so when I reflect on my timeline I get mad sometimes.

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