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Observing Experts    Observing Novice

Observing Experts                                                         Observing Novice


Konichiwa readers!

(That’s hello in Japanese)

Today I will be talking about my experience observing everybody in the novice group and the expert  group. See I was chosen to be an observer by my teacher. I was chosen to be an observer like three other classmates. The reason there had to be four observers is because is because there are four novice groups (things we are not good at) and four expert groups( things we are not good at). The four novice groups were acting, drawing, building models and writing. The expert groups were the same. I was in charge of observing the novice and expert acting group. By the way being an observer isn’t as easy as you think. People are always trying to see what you wrote about the group. Also it’s hard for me to give them bad grades when they are bad because it’s hard for me to be strict. That’s why next time if I ever become a observer again i’m gonna have to be strict. Now to forget the negative and remember the positive I think being a observer was pretty fun.

Yellow Hat: I enjoyed doing this because I get to observe people and see the difrence  between the novice group and the expert group.

Black Hat: I think next time I have to be a stricter observer.




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