My Instrument Choice

This year for music I would like to play the clarinet as my instrument choice for this year. In preparation I have researched a few things I might need to know about the clarinet:

How to clean the mouthpiece:

  1. remove the mouthpiece and the reed
  2. undo barrel joints
  3. wipe off reed
  4. rinse the mouthpiece
  5. dry mouthpiece using a swab
  6. reassemble when all pieces are dry

How to produce clear tones on the clarinet:

  1. blow enough air through the clarinet to produce a loud sound
  2. make sure to take in enough of the mouthpiece
  3. don’t bite hard on the mouthpiece
  4. clarinet shouldn’t be too close or too far, try out different positions (recommended 45 degrees away)
  5. reed should be flat against the mouthpiece

The many different parts of a clarinet:

  • mouthpiece
  • ligature
  • barrel joint
  • upper joint
  • lower joint
  • bell


How to pack away a clarinet:

  1. unscrew the ligature but not too much only to take out the reed
  2. wipe the reed off
  3. place it in its casing
  4. take the mouthpiece off
  5. wipe off mouthpiece
  6. put the ligature back onto the mouthpiece
  7. place the mouthpiece into the mouthpiece cover
  8. gently take off the barrel
  9. wipe off barrel
  10. put the barrel into the hole that the casing should have
  11. face bell outwards
  12. place the thumb on bridge key to keep it up
  13. gently take it off
  14. wipe the upper joint through the side with something sticking out
  15. place the upper joint in the case (make sure keys are facing up)
  16. gently take the bell off
  17. clean the lower joint first
  18. place lower joint in the case (keys should be facing up)
  19. wipe the bell off
  20. place bell inside the case

Notes for the clarinet:

Image result for clarinet note chart




Wǒ de shèjì yǒu xióngmāo, zhúzi, Dēnglóng, dàmén hé zhōngshì fángwū.


Wǒ huàle xióngmāo, yīnwèi zài zhōngguó, zhōngguó yǒu hěnduō dà xióngmāo, yě hěn kě’ài.


Zhúzi yīnwèi wǒ de shèjì shàng yǒu dà xióngmāo, ér zhōngguó shūfǎ jiā yě céng zài zhúzi shàng zuòguò shūfǎ.


Zhōngguó fēnggé de fángwū dàibiǎole zhōngguó gèng wénmíng de rénwén bùfèn.


Hái yǒu dēnglóng, yīnwèi tā dàibiǎozhuó xīwàng yǒu yīgè guāngmíng de wèilái.


Zài wǒ de shèjì zhōngjiān yǒu yīgè mén de yuányīn shì jiāng chéngzhèn hé gèng duō de cónglín qū fēnkāi.


Wǒ zhǔyào shǐyòng de yánsè shì hóngsè hé huángsè, yīnwèi hóngsè dàibiǎo yùnqì, huángsè dàibiǎo cáifù.


Wǒ jīngcháng shǐyòng de lìng yīzhǒng yánsè shì hēisè, dàn zhè zhǐshì wèile qūfēn yánsè.

Checking in :)

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog, right? Well, a lot has happened since, such as an exhibition. We are just finished with it. It’ll take a while to explain about it so I’ll just put my reflection about the presentation day in here:

That’s only one of the things that have happened since. Another thing is that since the exhibition is over we’ve started a new unit. Our new unit will be about art, yet we’re still deciding how it will be run and what we would do in this unit. We’ve started with looking at art pieces and analyzing them, also with creating mind maps for what we’d like to do and what our goals are for this unit. So far we’ve decided on having a mini art gallery with all our art pieces as our goal.

Oh yeah! MAP tests will be held on May 13, 14 and 15. MAP tests are basically just to see where you’re at with your math, reading and language. May 13 will be for math, 14 for reading and 15 for language. Since we’re having MAP tests my teacher has been getting us to do more math such as assignments on Mathletics or some math problems in class. It’s fairly easy it’s just that I like to rush things so I don’t read the questions carefully, I also forget to simplify fractions so I need to work on that too.

Another thing we’ve done is write an introductory paragraph about ourselves to the G7 teachers. Although I ended up writing 4 pages my handwriting is big so if you combined all the words it would be a paragraph. I got a little sidetracked and distracted while writing so I might have gone off topic. I was really just writing random things that I had just first thought of. Of course, when I reread it to edit it I realised how much it seemed like I needed a therapist because one of the sentences I wrote had said:

“I sometimes have arguments with myself.”

Now if you read the whole sentence then it wouldn’t seem that weird but still weird enough to think that I might need mental help.

Anyways, that’s all I have to write about right now. Ciao Adios! (credits to you if you know the reference)

Activist Speech

During February we all had to do an activist speech. Now I’m doing my speech about student suicide from academic and parents pressure. My main purpose was to raise awareness of it and convince other parents or teachers to stop using strategies that might discourage their students/kids. 

For me I felt that I had spent a lot of time and thought into my writing while not so much in my speaking, that’s why I’m not so confident that I passed the criteria for speaking. What I thought was good was the conclusion, I really liked how I had phrased the words. 2 things I could do better is when speaking don’t speak too fast and add pauses, also to speak with more emotion.

Activist Speech:


Young Americans

January 9th, 2019, the whole entire grade will start to work on performance with some people who work in a group called Young Americans. The performance will be us, the grade 6 dancing and the few selected of us sing. Now I am absolutely terrified of this experience, I hate the idea of performing in front of others and I get extremely nervous. I’m mainly scared that I might mess up during one of the acts and lots of people might be watching so they will be watching me fail. The thing is I don’t know how Young Americans work, and I don’t like to be involved in things I don’t know a lot about. There’s also the fact that I don’t like dancing, don’t get me wrong It’s a beautiful art form… just that I myself don’t like to dance, this connecting with the whole performing thing. I do understand that Young Americans are supposed to be teaching you dance and singing while making you more confident and higher your self-esteem but I’m not sure how comfortable

Day 1:

We had started Young Americans… It was somewhat what I expected. I knew a little about what we were going to do because I have a grade 7 friend who had told a little bit about what was to expect on the first day. We were also split into 3 groups based on our birth month, my group is called the Squirrel Bros. We were mainly dancing today and a little bit of singing.  I like the singing over dancing because you don’t have to move much. My favorite part was probably the part where most of us sang in front of others alone because I got to hear everyone’s voices. I wasn’t really shocked by anyone because I already knew they had amazing voices. The hardest part for me was memorizing the dances, also the fact that I literally can’t dance, this will definitely be a struggle for me. I was very nervous when dancing because I guess I wasn’t used to dancing, I was also constantly worrying about memorizing and not messing up that I did forget the dance and messed it up.

Day 2:

Another day of Young Americans is another day of singing and dancing. Young Americans this time was a little different, sure we still rehearsed and learnt new acts for the show but today we had made up our own songs and dances. I didn’t really participate as I didn’t really know what our dances/songs seem to like. Though it didn’t really matter because everyone else in my group had ideas. Today I felt a little bit more comfortable than yesterday dancing and singing because I learnt to feel a little more comfortable with the people we were dancing with. Still a little worried though because we only have 1 and a half days left to rehearse, and I’m pretty sure we still had some dances to learn. Also, I can’t remember some of the dances but it’s fine I’ll just look at everyone else.

Day 3:

Today was performance day, the show was gonna be at 6:00 pm – 7:45 pm. Before the show, we learnt some more dances and songs as long as doing a whole rerun of the show. I got to see everyone do their solos that they had gotten and seen some of the other group’s dances. We had also gotten our Young American’s shirts for the performance, they were blue with short sleeves, though they only had sizes large so I had to shorten the length by knotting my shirt on the side. After some more practicing and rehearsing we were allowed a break from 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm including our dinner. I decided for my break that I would hang out on the 6th-floor pitch since I felt that place to be calmer than other places even though people would be talking loudly. Then we had some pizza for dinner, a lot of people were excited about that, I was meh about it because I didn’t really like pizza a lot. After that performance, I’m pretty sure lots of people were feeling anxious and or excited, though when we got to the LLAC we found out that we weren’t performing first. The Young Americans actually had a show prepared to perform themselves, the show was very professional and they had very nice costumes. Then after their show, they had a 15-minute break which gave us time to get on stage and prepare, now I was feeling nervous and forgot the order of our dances, I also had messed up the opening dance by going up at the wrong time. The rest of the dances went okay and according to plan, when I was done performing the first act I realized it wasn’t as bad because the parents wouldn’t realize one mistake as long as you were at the back and luck for me I was at the back. At the end of the show some of my classmates were crying or asking for signatures from the Young Americans, and the parents were applauding or talking to their own kids.

Thrilling Camp Adventures


November 27, 2018, the whole entire 6th grade had gone to Sai Kung to go camping for 4 days and 3 nights with Outward Bound. We were put into groups before we arrived at Sai Kung, my group consisted of; Estelle, Caitlyn, Lauren, Ashlyn, Maddie, Ryder, Jordan and Oliver. Our teacher was Mr Brodie We also got to meet our instructors.

The first day we all got to know each other so that we could trust each other more, therefore when doing activities together we wouldn’t be as wary knowing we could trust each other. To get to know each other we had played some fun games and even though I thought I already knew enough about them I learnt even more about at camp. After we got to know each other a little better we went to do some practising for jetty jumping for the next day just for some safety practising. We went through it kinda slow because my groupmates kept on interrupting by commenting on everything. Then we each went to our dorm buildings to have a quick rinse before lunch, the girls and the boys have separated dorm buildings. Once we had a quick rinse we all went to lunch. Before we ate we would have a comment on how we did so far and then we would have a moment of silence. Then we each served each dish onto each other’s plates and ate. We joked and laughed while eating, we were kinda extra loud. We continued to do some more activities, activities that involved lots of trust and courage. We did pretty well though when doing some activities we would sometimes leave other people out so we need to work on that. For encouraging each other we did pretty well because sometimes we were scared to climb (we were doing climbing activities) the other teammates would encourage them to keep on going. Once that was done we went to the dining hall to go eat dinner, repeating the process we did for lunch we just ate and talked. We then went to the base and played a game with all the other groups, well it was more of a competition. My team was placed 2nd but we were close to first, we just needed one more point, though that didn’t bring us down. Before we slept we talked about what we did good and what we could improve, we agreed that we need to start listening and respecting others more.

The second day we were going to do water activities. The first activity we did was dragon boating. We as a team started to build the dragon boat by tying it all together, of course before our instructors had already told us how to. Once it was built we started rowing, we needed to be in sync to row so Oliver took on the role of leadership and started to shout when we needed to row by screaming “1,2,3,4” over and over again. It definitely helped increase our speed, so much that we got to visit a beach and explore it for a while, collecting trash while exploring before heading to our original destination. At the original destination we saw the other groups and had lunch there, we made sandwiches for lunch. Done with lunch we went to discover this island we went to, apparently it has a salt farm. The island was pretty empty as not a lot of people lived on it. After exploring we went back to our dragon boat and continued rowing. We were challenged to beat a record of 15 minutes to get back to base by our instructors, we rowed as fast as we could and by the time we got to base it had been 15 minutes, we didn’t exactly beat the record but at least we matched up with it. Then afterwards we walked over to somewhere to do the actual jetty jumping. Every time one of us jumped we congratulated them and cheered on the next. Then we went to shower at the dorms and packed all our stuff to go camping. We met outside of the main hall then split up from there. Jordan, Estelle and I stayed to make dinner at a place near the boy’s dorm while the rest went to the campsite to set up the tents and put our stuff there. Then the people who were at the campsite went to go to us 3 and ate dinner. After we cleaned our dishes and washed the plates, though the boys didn’t clean a lot and Maddie cleaned a lot of the dishes for them, so it was kinda unfair. We then all went to the campsite and talk again about what we did good and what we did not so good, this time agreeing that we were pretty encouraging and worked well as a team though not so good at working quickly. We then went to sleep in our tents, my tent mates for that night were Estelle and Caitlyn.

Day 3 we all packed the tents and our stuff, went to breakfast at the dining hall and quickly went to sort all our stuff up. We needed to sort our stuff to make sure we bring the right materials for the place we were going considering that it was pretty far. Once done we started going to our destination, first, we took a bus to a park, there we met a new instructor who would guide us. To get to our new campsite we needed to hike there so we split into leaders that would lead apart each time. Ryder, Oliver and Jordan were the leaders first, they went a little fast for my pace and some others too so we got tired really easily and had many breaks. Once their turn was done we had Caitlyn and Lauren lead, they went at a normal pace so we didn’t need any breaks. We stopped at a place to go grab lunch, once again we had sandwiches. Then after lunch, it was me and Estelle’s turn to lead, we kinda went a little fast so I do regret that. Along the way, Lauren sprained her ankle but luckily Caitlyn was there to take care of her, Caitlyn and Lauren ended up leading to create a steady pace. Though Estelle felt it was a little too slow so she went ahead first. We stopped for a break so that Ashlyn and Maddie could lead, they went at a steady pace so everyone was satisfied. They lead us to our campsite, there we unloaded everything and relaxed or play for a while. Once the stuff was unloaded we set everything up while Oliver, Maddie and Caitlyn began to cook. We had dinner and cleaned up the dishes, this time everyone did their own fair share. Then we went to have smores and there was where we handed out awards, Caitlyn, Maddie, Lauren Oliver had received an award. Done with smores we went to sleep in our tents, my tent mates this time were Lauren and Caitlyn.

The fourth day… End of camp, we packed our stuff and had some quick breakfast. We walked over to a bus stop to get picked up by a bus to go back to base. There we had some quick lunch and review over the whole thing. I personally think we did pretty well as a team and trusted each other a lot now, the camp had definitely gotten all of us together and taught us trust. Lunch came to an end and we had to leave, a lot of people were sad to leave but at the same time glad to head home. Saying goodbye to our instructors we headed onto the bus back to school.

The camp was an exciting experience, I had some funny teammates that I learnt to trust and gained more respect towards them. I think we all had a positive and happy time there even though there were a few outbreaks they were solved quickly. I guess in total is that… The camp was fun.    

What did I do this week that made me think really hard? (Week 4 Reflection)

One thing that made me think really think hard was an activity in math called “What is the pattern?”. We had to see a pattern between 3 shapes. I came up with a formula that showed how the shapes made a growing pattern. Though when I saw other people’s patterns I saw how different it was to my one. Most of the patterns were pretty similar. This made me think really deeply into the activity causing me to make my formula a little complicated. Questions like “Perhaps I should change it as my formula is too complicated ?” or “ Did I not notice something?” appeared in my head whilst I was doing the math problem. I tried to see how many other patterns I could find but I could only find 2, one being my formula and the other being the most common pattern people used. After finding all of this out I wanted to see was there perhaps a difference in the way we saw things? Perhaps my mind just makes things too complicated. In the end, I didn’t finish it as Ms B had told me I could. I was only halfway through with solving the problem with my formula. Next time maybe I should try solving the problem in a simpler way instead of making things too complicated.