A Safe and Friendly Class

I think a safe and friendly class is 3 things: respectful, focused and inclusive.


I think you should be focused in a safe friendly class because when your friend is doing work  you don’t want to distract them or they won’t get there work done, if you are distracted you won’t get your work done and your teacher gets mad at you for not doing your work and for being disrespectful to him and the other students.


Being respectful is important in class because you should respect your elders because they have more wisdom and they know more than you do, you also have to be respectful because it is good manners too and it is inconsiderate not to , people will like you more when your respectful because you tell nice things about them and you help them and when you help them they help you.


If you be inclusive you can get more ideas from the people you include and you will make more friends, and people get sad if you leave them out, they might have a good idea to add to your group that will give you a new idea.




The summer went by so FAST, I got Mr.Mark this year and we both knew each other already because he was my basketball coach from last year he is pretty nice. we got four new classmates this year and they are all boys: Edward, Mathew, Cyrus, and Nicolas, they are nice and on the first day, they were not very shy. and we also learned the rules of grade six and all the things we will do as the young Americans and the PYPX. in grade six you get to bring your computer home every day of the week except Friday, and were the oldest in lower school! when I was younger I thought the grade sixes were the coolest kids in the school because they were old but I guess we grow up fast!

My Favourite Animal!!!🐌

Hi Guys! Today i’m going to talk about my favourite animal…SNAILS!


I’m very interested in snails because they are very cute and weird. Here are the facts about snails: Snails are both a boy and girl at the same TIME!!! Snails are also born with there shells. Slugs are basically snails without shells, french people like to eat them as a dish called Escargots. I think it is very gross and sad because my favourite animal are snails and slugs. French people have weird taste in food. Thank you for reading this!


Final G4 Post!!!

hi, guys, this is the last grade 4 post!so I I’m going to talk about what we did in grade 4 and what we did in grade 4.

So in the beginning of the year, we started morning meeting.  Morning meeting is when you say a greeting then say sharing and then we play a game then we say a quote.at the beginning of the year Ms.g host’s the morning meetings but after a few weeks ms.g let us host our own morning meeting.now let’s talk about some of my favorite things in grade 4. The first thing is grade 4 camp for grade 4 camp we went to treasure island, pui o beach I was sharing a tent with Mia and Charlotte. The next thing I liked was commercials, my group for commercials was Charlie, Joshua, Charlotte, James Yen and me and we made a commercial about star wars ketchup.The best thing I liked in grade 4 is ms.G  because she is so nice and funny!

Chinese letter











Grade 4 Camp!!!!!!!

hi guys!, today I am going to talk about the grade 4 camp!

first, we had to make a circle and we got told which group we were supposed to go in. My group was group 1 and it was with Ms.Brown and the counselor Eliash she was really really nice. We made a circle and introduced each other and then we played splat and a game called deep in the jungle and the song is really funny: imagesdeep in the jungle where nobody goes there’s a big fat gorilla and he’s picking his nose and him picked it and he picked it who’s gonna get that, who’s gonna get that,  who’s gonna get that slimy snot?images

another activity I really enjoined was the rafting. we had to build a raft using bamboo sticks, tires, and ropes. I liked this activity because it was really cool to work together and try to build a raft and work out how to build it. we had to be thinkers and communicators.

I also liked the surfing because it was challenging. I was able to stand up on the surfboard. this made me excited to go surfing in Bali after the spring break.

for lunch, we had to eat sandwiches. For dinner, we had bbq one night and spaghetti the other.


Overall it was awesome!!!

Here’s the link to some pics



microbead workshop

Yesterday I and my class went to the science lab to study microbeads. The people from plastic-free seas to teach use how to make the microbeads appear and show us what happened to the things that the microbeads did to it. First, we had to get a face soap or some gel that has micro beads in them then squirt some into a bag, then we had to close the top of the bag and then wash it with the gel in it. After that we had to blow dry it then there would be micro beads in it!!!:) I learned that micro beads are really bad for the environment because when they go in the water the fish eat them.

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