May 9, 2019 - James

Exhibition Reflection

This is my end reflection on the PYP exhibition.

How did I feel/do on the presentation days?

I think on the first day of the presentation I felt very nervous and I thought that I was going to do very bad, but after a few people came I started to get the hang of it. I did the best when we were presenting to teachers and adults because they thought my snacks were very good and tasty.


What am I proud of?

I am proud of myself making my healthy snacks because lots of people like the snacks when I brought them in for the presentation days. I am also proud of my interview experts from outside of school because I usually don’t do that, I think that this made me more confident.


What were my challenges?

My challenges were when I had to explain what inspired me to choose my topic for an exhibition during the presentation.


What questions did people ask?

How did you know that the snacks were healthy? Where did you find these recipes?


What oral feedback did I receive?

Lots of people told me that I could work on my presentation skills and add more photos or make a poster.


What do I think of the written feedback you have received?

I think after all the written feedback I have got I now know I definitely could have worked on my presentation more.


What is next for me with my exploration/action?

I think now after the exhibition I will continue my action of eating healthy snacks cause they taste really good and I can keep eating them because they are healthy.


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