Screenagers Movie Reflection

Yesterday, upper school, grade 5 and 6 watched a documentary called Screenagers about phones and how that your addicted to it. It is about how screens can affect kids,teens and parents. Families,doctors and psychiatrist are interviewed and asked about their opinions and connections about technology.They also tell stories about real life problem with families about technology.


I have learned that technology can affect your learning and life. It can affect your learning by making your brain not concentrated, for example after you watch a movie before a test and when you do the test it won’t be as good. It can affect your life by changing your personality, for example if you play violent video games, their could be a chance you become a violent person in the future. This could also affect you by being addicted, you will spend less time outside and you will be looking at your phone or computer. You will also not normally do face to face talking with your friends and family.


This movie also gives solutions for technology agreements for families, for example a contract and time limits for computers and phones. The advice that they gave really helped and solved their problems about technology. One of their advice is to have talk about their week with technology called tech talk tuesdays.


I recommend this movie to children and parents because this could change your perspective about technology and how it can affect you. After you watch the movie you might make some rules that will change you and lead you to a better life path. This movie has also affected me because now I will try my best to not use too much technology in my life.

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