Weekly Reflection #4

It’s been a month since the first day of school, time flies when you are having fun. This month was very exciting and interesting, especially this week. This week was astonishing! We spent the week we inquiring into scientific inquiry and more into our unit. This week I had a lot of new experiences, some of them were unexpected and some were really interesting. Every week is different, before monday I thought week 3 was the best week. But after the 4th week ended, I now think that this week was better than all the other ones.


The thing that was unexpected this week was the Stanley cup and the Keeper coming to CDNIS. On Wednesday, we went to the theater to see the keeper of the cup, Phil Pritchard. He placed the shiny polished big long cup on the stage. Without notice he also brang 2001 hockey champion. The player is called Alex Troughay. Alex Troughay talked about what his team did with the cup when they won it. The keeper also talked about what he does with the cup. It was spellbinding! When the period was done and we were leaving, some people got to touch the cup, sadly I didn’t. But I am glad that I at least saw the cup. 


The thing that I thought was interesting was the experiments. This week we did two experiments, but I liked the first experiment better even though it was just observing. We watched the teacher make a almond brittle, we took notes. After the experiment  we got to eat it. It was delicious! I thought this was interesting because we got to learn how to make almond brittle, we also thought of some question. One of my questions that I am really interested in is, how the mixture of butter, sugar and salt become brown? Overall, this week’s experiments made me want to do more. I hope there will be more experiments next week. I am also really looking forward to using my knowledge from the experiment to make almond brittle over the weekends.


In conclusion, I thought this week was really exciting and unexpected. After my experience this week I am willing to use my new knowledge in my life inside and outside of school.


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