Weekly Reflection 11

The 11th week of grade 6 had just past. This week I learned a lot of shocking things, but what I thought was most interesting was learning about inequality. I also built a better understanding of trade. I hope I can use what I learned this week outside of school.


This week my class and I went on a field trip to Oxfam. During this field trip, we learned about inequality with people who had farmer registrations. There is a cycle in China used for migrants. I never even knew there was such thing. There are two types of registrations for migrants. Farmer registrations and city registrations. People who have city registrations have a bigger benefit. For instance, kids who have farmer registrations can’t go to school! In order to change your registration, it takes a lot of work. This field trip also gave me an experience of factory workers lives. They have to work for 12 hours a day without stopping, they are not allowed to talk and they down even know what they are making. Overall, this field trip made me want to learn more about this problem.


During this week we started a simulation, in this simulation we have to draw cards. Each card has different rules. For example, a jack and a queen start off with 10 cubes. You can trade your markers, computer time or products and cubes. By the end of the week, our goals are to build the highest tower of cubes, create the most colorful poster that includes tips about report writing, and lastly to have an organized tray and locker. I also learned about fair trade. If someone has no bargaining power, they will be forced to accept whatever prices the buyers offer. That is not fair trade. Fairtrade is when people are paid properly for their work, so it’s not slavery. For example, if people take their whole day cutting trees, and only being paid 7 dollars per week, that’s not fair trade. They are not being paid properly. It’s challenging to access free markets in places like Mali. Therefore many people trade in the local market. This left many farmers in poverty. Luckily, the United States and the Western nations are willing to help solve these problems for the needful. After this fair trade became more common because of this.


After all, because of this week I am now looking forward to learning more about unfairness and trade. I wonder what we will learn next week.  

Weekly Reflection 10

The 10th week of school just ended. This week we learned more about economics, even better we got to research about a past event of our choice. During this week I inquired about interesting topics that I am looking forward to learn more about.


Some things that I thought were really interesting was The Wall Street Crash of 1929. I chose The Wall Street Crash as my past event I’m going to research about. This is sort of a project for the economic world forum.(We worked in partners) While my and my partner was researching about this topic I builded a better understanding of Stocks and economics. Here is my work:


Questions we had to answer are, What happened during this event? How is it related to economics? What caused this event? What lessons can you learn? After answering all these questions we learned that the Wall Street Crash of 1929 caused the Great depression. The event happened because there was a stock crash. A stock is when you sell a very small percentage of your company. The more money the company makes the more expensive the stock is. Normally if you want your share, it would cost a lot of money. A stock crash is when supply and demand go out of hand. It happens when a bunch of people sell their stocks(mostly in very low prices), instead of buying them. In this event it occurred because many people and companies sold their stocks at very low prices. To be accurate, 16 million shares were sold in very low prices. I am looking forward into finishing this project.

Overall,  I learned many incredible things about the Wall Street Crash of 1929. Some questions I still have are, did the citizens of New York protest? How long did it last? I hope by next week I’ll be moving to the next step of the project/challenge.


Weekly Reflection 9

9 weeks into school already! This week we tuned into our new unit about economic historians. I already learned a lot about it. During this week I learned about new things and it lead me to some questions.


This unit is all about being and learning about economic historians. When I was doing my home learning, I learned about Adam Smith. Adam Smith is sort of know as the father of economics now. He wrote the book called, The Wealth of Nations. He believed that wealth came from labour. He had three strategies to help economies grow. The first strategy is to let people follow their own interest and goals. The second one is the division of labour, you can create more goods by separating work into simpler roles. The last one is free trade, when the governments don’t actively interact of international trade, everyone benefits. Some questions I have are, where was he born, and what inspired him to be what he is known as now?


We were also introduced to a challenge. From the text clues I think this challenge is about saving poverty. I still wonder why students are doing this challenge instead of teachers, adults and the World Economic Forum? While analysing the challenge, I learned new words. Some words I found interesting are, World economic forum and Global Factors. Overall, I already learned so much about economics.


This week was really interesting. After this week I look forward to learning more about economic historians and the challenge. This also makes me wonder what I will learn next week.


Unit Reflection

After seven weeks of hard work, our class finally finished our first unit about scientific inquiry. I learned a lot since the first week of school. Before that I was clueless of what matter, scientific inquiry and explanatory writing was. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned over the past weeks. I can’t wait till our next unit.


The main things we focused on in this unit is matter, experiments and explanatory writing. Before the end of the unit, the only knowledge I had about matter was: solid, liquid and gas are forms of matter. Now I know that matter is somethings that has mass, or can take up space. Solids, liquids and gases are all forms of matter(there is more, for example plazma). Before the unit, all I knew about experiments was that it was used to test things. Now I know scientific word that scientist use in their write up. For example, solute, solvent, diffuse, molecules, etc. All I knew about explanatory writing before the unit was it was a type of writing. After the unit I not only learned what explanatory writing was( explanatory writing is when your writing includes no you, we, us, our and only has facts for explaining a specific topic) but also learned how to write it. Overall, those are the main things my class focused over the past few weeks.


Throughout the unit, I learned some new words that I found interesting. I learned about what molecules are. Molecules are atoms bonded together. They make up everything including matter. Another is solute and solvent. Solute is the component in a solution dissolved in a solvent. Solvent is a solution able to dissolve the other substances. For example, the solvent is boiling water and the solute is the sugar. I wonder what new words I will learn in the next unit.


Things that I found challenging was the unit experiment. I found this challenging because my group and I chose a hard topic to research about. Our topic was borax crystals and our question was, how does the solution affect the making of the crystals. We found it challenging to find information about our question. At the end we had to synthesis with our information.


Altogether, I had lots of fun learning about science. I hope the next unit will be fun and interesting too.

Grade 10 personal projects

On March 2 (late) 4B was invited to see the grade 10 personal projects. Grade 10 took along time doing this and  they put hard work into this project. In the exhibition there was a lot of cool and interesting projects. For example, there was a bicycle that charges devices, there was a some for saving puppies( there is a lot more).


The first project I went to see was a bicycle one. The bicycle could charge devices by paddling it. I went on the tall mountain bike and tried it , the man did not turn it on yet so later he turned it on,it really worked. Later I went to a girl who was trying to help dogs by making a Facebook page about saving puppies, in her Facebook page there was article’s about dogs. In one of the parts on her Facebook page there was a video about a dog getting tested by people. The reason she made this page because she loves animals but the real reason she made this was because some people really hate dogs so they throw them out or use them for testing.


The third station I went to was a comic book station, in that station there was a girl who made a comic book. The comic book was not really for kids to read so I didn’t really understand. Later we went to a station that was next to us and it was about how to play basketball, there i learned more about the rules in basketball.


For my last station i went to the dolphin project, it was about dolphins in captivity. The there was against it, she said that they live longer and better in the wild but in captivity they live for live for like three years.he also told me that they can’t show their feeling so that’s why what we don’t know what their feeling. In captivity they also give them dead fish, not like fish in the wild. In that case, dolphins won’t know how to dive more than three meters because they will forget their survival skills and die.


I really enjoyed the Grade 10 personal projects I hope I can visit this exhibition again.


My Bar Graph

Lately, 4B has been making bar graphs, we all have to make one. To Make this graph 4B had to follow some steps.

  1. Make a topic
  2. collect the data
  3. Make the graph
  4. Add the data
  5. Add colour( must)

If you don’t add colour it wont be a bar graph ,because all bar graph has colour and colourful .My question is If you had a Mystical Pet what would it be : a Narwhal( not a mystical animal), unicorn, pegasus,ten headed lion, dragon, fairy(not a animal) and other. I learned how to make a digital  graph, also last year we also made a bar graph too.


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