Weekly Reflection #4

It’s been a month since the first day of school, time flies when you are having fun. This month was very exciting and interesting, especially this week. This week was astonishing! We spent the week we inquiring into scientific inquiry and more into our unit. This week I had a lot of new experiences, some of them were unexpected and some were really interesting. Every week is different, before monday I thought week 3 was the best week. But after the 4th week ended, I now think that this week was better than all the other ones.


The thing that was unexpected this week was the Stanley cup and the Keeper coming to CDNIS. On Wednesday, we went to the theater to see the keeper of the cup, Phil Pritchard. He placed the shiny polished big long cup on the stage. Without notice he also brang 2001 hockey champion. The player is called Alex Troughay. Alex Troughay talked about what his team did with the cup when they won it. The keeper also talked about what he does with the cup. It was spellbinding! When the period was done and we were leaving, some people got to touch the cup, sadly I didn’t. But I am glad that I at least saw the cup. 


The thing that I thought was interesting was the experiments. This week we did two experiments, but I liked the first experiment better even though it was just observing. We watched the teacher make a almond brittle, we took notes. After the experiment  we got to eat it. It was delicious! I thought this was interesting because we got to learn how to make almond brittle, we also thought of some question. One of my questions that I am really interested in is, how the mixture of butter, sugar and salt become brown? Overall, this week’s experiments made me want to do more. I hope there will be more experiments next week. I am also really looking forward to using my knowledge from the experiment to make almond brittle over the weekends.


In conclusion, I thought this week was really exciting and unexpected. After my experience this week I am willing to use my new knowledge in my life inside and outside of school.


Guest Speaker

Last Friday, There was a guest speaker that came to our school to talk about Natural Disasters he was called Graeme Still. The guest speaker used to be a police officer so that’s why he has been in a lot of dangerous disasters.  He was talking about three main things Typhoon, fire, floods, landslides.


The first thing he talked about was Typhoon. In Graeme Still’s days their was no television or phones to tell the world a important message at once. So they used signs, They had different meanings some meant a very dangerous Typhoon, not so bad Typhoon, etc…  . The signs are put on the top of some houses close to the ocean so boats can see, they are hanged up by a sting, but it won’t go up in till you pull the sting. For different levels of how strong the wind is they have to go to other houses to show the different levels of how strong the wind . Graeme Still had been on heavy typhoons like typhoon 10. One time the was a big typhoon and there was a taxi with elderly people in it, the taxi driver could not see the road properly because of the rain. Then the fell in to a big pool with lots of mud in it, so when the police came they only saw the light of the taxi. The police(Graeme Still and other police men) men had to go inside and take the passengers out, only the driver came out the passengers did not make it.


The second thing he talked about was Land Slides. Land slides is when a big part of a mountin or dirt falls and destroy the things below it. There was one Land slide that happened in Po Shan Road(HK), 1972. It happened at 7pm so nobody was prepared. When it happened it covered a 4 story house, knocked down lots of buildings, Now there are not much Land Slides because our drains are now better.


The last thing he talked about was about fires he told us two stories about him learning and helping to stop a fire. Once he was learning how to use a fire hose he flew straight back because he thought it was easy like how people do it in movies. Another movie was there was a fire in his building and he had to go out. Lastley he told us how dangouros fire was.


On that day I learned a lot more about natural disasters.


My Buoyancy Mind Map

Lately 4B has been watching a another video from BrainPop and it was about buoyancy. We also had to make a mind map after we finished watching the video and my mind map is about the differences between fluids and solids. My prior knowledge about that is that fluids is liquid, solids are hard and solids sink not float.

Fluids can be liquid, for example water and juice and fluids can be gas . Fluids don’t seem to push back when you push on it but they do and fluids float. After all liquid is a fluid and when you push on it it doesn’t seem to push back.

Solids are hard and heavy, for example of a solid is a bowling ball. Solids push back when you push on them and it can float or sink. Solids can not be water or any liquid and gas, solids can only be hard and heavy things. After all solids are heavy, they  do not push back and some can float.

My Gravity Mind Map

This week 4B has been making Mind Maps again, but this time we are going to watch a video about Gravity. Now I am going to explain my Mind Map. My prior knowledge is  “gravity holds you down and when their is no gravity you will be floating, gravity holds all the planets together ands that means gravity is very important.”

Gravity pulls everything down , holds everything down and everything has gravity. Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity and he found out that gravity depended on two things mass and distance. Later Albert Einstein continued Sir Isaac Newton research about gravity and found out that actually massive objects bend space time.

HK History Museum

On Thursday, 4B went on there first field trip to the HK History Museum. We were split into groups of 4 or 3, we were also with a parent helper.

In the Museum there was lots of interesting things like 400,000,000 years ago rocks, but we had to focus on the Opium War and Japanese Occupation Of  HK. We also saw lots of animals and olden days stuff.

What I learnt from the Opium War is that Opium is a really really bad type of drug and it was between China and Britain. It started at 1839 to 1841, China also gave New Territories to the Britain.What I also learned about the Japanese Occupation of HK is at 1941 8 Dec it started and in Dec 18 Japanese troops landed in Quarry Bay. HK was not prepared for their air defence, so there air defence got destroyed. On the 25th of Dec 1941, In the afternoon HK Surrendered.

After all that we ate lunch, after lunch  we went to the park. After the park we went to the Bus and went back to CDNIS.   

Seminar- Ancient Olympics Reflection

The Ancient Olympics dedicated to a Greek God, Zeus. The first Olympics was held in 776 b.c. In the first Olympics there was only 1 event , the foot race. In that time no girls was allowed in the Olympics, they had to stay home do chores. Only men could watch or participate . Every time the Olympics has new events, they were mostly with fire. In the olden days  they only wanted to show the world , now we want to get medals.

This was for Zeus they wanted to give a gift to him , but now Ancient Olympics is for showing people. Now girls can watch the Olympics and participate in the Olympics.

Seminar-Girl Power Reflection

In the past girls had no right to attend school because people thought that boys education is more important than girls education. Girls could only have tutors, but they still could not attend school.

In the 17th century the first school for girls was made. Even though it was made some girls still did not go to school because of early marriage, too poor, working for parents or sometimes their parents would send their child away because they have not enough money. But still 10 countries don’t allow girls to go to school.

Education is important because if you don’t learn, you can not teach your child and education makes a good life. Now most of the girls have good education and have the right to go to school.

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