My Weekly Reflection #1

The first week of G6 has just ended, we did a lot of fun and interesting activities. This week was all about getting to know each other, we played games and activities to help us get to know each other. I enjoyed all of the games, but I liked the decoration project the best. I like this activity the best because we had to work in a group to figure out what decorations we could put in the classroom. This project had to include a way to help the class get to know each other better, in my group we thought of a vacation wall and a birthday wall. On the birthday wall there will be everyone’s birthday on it. On the vacation wall students will bring a picture of you on your last vacation. This can help us get to know each other because if other people have the same birthday as you or if you went to the same place as someone over the vacation, it could start a conversation? This can also help get more information about your classmates.


In this week I also went through some challenges, what I thought was challenging was the murder mystery. In this game you had to work in a random group and find out who the murderer is using the clues that you have to solve. I thought this was challenging, because it was hard to figure out the clues. For example clue 4, there are no so hints just letters in a 4 straight line, so we had to look in every direction to find out the answer. This game helped us learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses in problem solving. This can help us in the future if we ever work in the same group again. Then we  will know what they are good and not good at. At the end we sort of finished it. When we told the teacher our answer, Jerry is the murderer. It was wrong. After we realised our mistake, it was because we didn’t say the the last name. This game also taught me that little mistakes can be a big problem.


Need to know:

-I need to know when we are going to continue the decoration project because I could prepare the materials to bring to school

Excited about:

-I am excited about exhibition because I am really looking forward to doing projects and doing research with my group.

– I am also excited about putting up all the decorations up in the classroom. I wonder what it will look like?

-I am also excited about the projects because I enjoy making the posters and doing research.


Worried about:

-I am worried about camp because my G5 experience wasn’t so good. So I hope it doesn’t end up on the same path.



-Maybe if we have time, we could upgrade our class chant

-We could discuss what our door would look like(6Decoys)


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