Weekly Reflection 15

This week we focused on exhibition. We continued on our next steps, I explored more about my topic, wrote my lines of inquiry, we also figured out the purpose of our learning. Another new thing we tried in 6D we started planning our own morning meeting. This way we connected with each other more than usual and it took more responsibility.

While doing my next steps on exhibition, I wrote about how key concepts can relate to saving Black-faced Spoonbills. Causation: In order to start taking action, I need to know what’s causing Black-faced spoonbills to be endangered. Perspective: Before destroying wetlands, we have to ourselves in the Black-faced spoonbill’s shoes. If we were the Black-faced Spoonbills, losing the wetlands is like losing our homes and running away from it. Reflection: We should reflect on what we’ve done to the animals in the world. From reflecting we should consider to stop hurting them. Change: We need to know the consequences. What will happen if they go extinct? Responsibility: It’s our fault that the spoonbills are endangered, and it’s our responsibility to save them. We caused it we fix it. But we are not letting them, we are just taking advantage of them(IVORY). That makes us greedy.

For our morning meeting, our teacher let us plan and do our morning meeting ourselves. The first time we played the game we decided to play “Wah”. Since it was our first time doing this, we kept arguing about what game we should play and do. In the end, we got to play two games. Every time we finished one morning meeting, we reflected on what we did and what we should improve on. On Thursday, we were much better and had more fun than the other days. We decided on a game efficiently and quickly. We played telephone. It ended up really fun and funny. The morning meeting allowed 6D to connect with each other and it also gave us more responsibility.

Overall, this week we focused on using the key concepts in our learning. We also focused on exhibition, and what steps we are going to take next. I wonder if we will be planning our own morning meeting next week too.

Weekly Reflection 10

The 10th week of school just ended. This week we learned more about economics, even better we got to research about a past event of our choice. During this week I inquired about interesting topics that I am looking forward to learn more about.


Some things that I thought were really interesting was The Wall Street Crash of 1929. I chose The Wall Street Crash as my past event I’m going to research about. This is sort of a project for the economic world forum.(We worked in partners) While my and my partner was researching about this topic I builded a better understanding of Stocks and economics. Here is my work:


Questions we had to answer are, What happened during this event? How is it related to economics? What caused this event? What lessons can you learn? After answering all these questions we learned that the Wall Street Crash of 1929 caused the Great depression. The event happened because there was a stock crash. A stock is when you sell a very small percentage of your company. The more money the company makes the more expensive the stock is. Normally if you want your share, it would cost a lot of money. A stock crash is when supply and demand go out of hand. It happens when a bunch of people sell their stocks(mostly in very low prices), instead of buying them. In this event it occurred because many people and companies sold their stocks at very low prices. To be accurate, 16 million shares were sold in very low prices. I am looking forward into finishing this project.

Overall,  I learned many incredible things about the Wall Street Crash of 1929. Some questions I still have are, did the citizens of New York protest? How long did it last? I hope by next week I’ll be moving to the next step of the project/challenge.


Unit Reflection

After seven weeks of hard work, our class finally finished our first unit about scientific inquiry. I learned a lot since the first week of school. Before that I was clueless of what matter, scientific inquiry and explanatory writing was. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned over the past weeks. I can’t wait till our next unit.


The main things we focused on in this unit is matter, experiments and explanatory writing. Before the end of the unit, the only knowledge I had about matter was: solid, liquid and gas are forms of matter. Now I know that matter is somethings that has mass, or can take up space. Solids, liquids and gases are all forms of matter(there is more, for example plazma). Before the unit, all I knew about experiments was that it was used to test things. Now I know scientific word that scientist use in their write up. For example, solute, solvent, diffuse, molecules, etc. All I knew about explanatory writing before the unit was it was a type of writing. After the unit I not only learned what explanatory writing was( explanatory writing is when your writing includes no you, we, us, our and only has facts for explaining a specific topic) but also learned how to write it. Overall, those are the main things my class focused over the past few weeks.


Throughout the unit, I learned some new words that I found interesting. I learned about what molecules are. Molecules are atoms bonded together. They make up everything including matter. Another is solute and solvent. Solute is the component in a solution dissolved in a solvent. Solvent is a solution able to dissolve the other substances. For example, the solvent is boiling water and the solute is the sugar. I wonder what new words I will learn in the next unit.


Things that I found challenging was the unit experiment. I found this challenging because my group and I chose a hard topic to research about. Our topic was borax crystals and our question was, how does the solution affect the making of the crystals. We found it challenging to find information about our question. At the end we had to synthesis with our information.


Altogether, I had lots of fun learning about science. I hope the next unit will be fun and interesting too.

Weekly Reflection 6

It’s been 6 weeks since the start of school! This week was really compelling, we learned and started new things. We spent the week learning more about science and our passions. After this weeks ventures in learning, I am really looking forward to many things.


What I really liked about this week was the experiments. This week we started our unit summative, and we get to chose our own product to show how much we learned this unit. I chose to do an experiment with my classmates. We decided that our experiment would be based on borax crystals. Our question is, how does the solution(borax powder and boiling water) affect the making of the crystals. In this experiment we are going to use detergent and contact lens solution with baking powder to substitute the borax powder and water. We will do the same procedure as the borax water one, but switch the borax powder with the substitutes, we’ll see which solution will create a crystal. Hypothesise : We think that the laundry detergent will replace the borax powder the best. We think this way because the detergent we are going to use contains a lot of liquid starch. Liquid starch is a really good replacement for the borax solution. We don’t think contact lens solution will work because it doesn’t contain as much borax(boric acid). There is a slight chance for contact solution and baking powder to work, because it acts like borax powder and boiling water. I am really looking forward what are results are going to be.


After starting my experiment, I have some wonders. My first wonder is, how do you know when your solution is supersaturated? I wonder about this because our first try making the borax crystal didn’t really meet our expectation. We were expecting it to be thick with a lot of crystals, but we ended up with just a few. We later understood that our solution wasn’t super saturated. When we tried putting more borax powder, it didn’t melt completely. So how do you know if it’s super saturated or not? Another question is,How does borax affect crystallization? I am also looking forward to knowing the answers of my questions.


Overall, I am looking forward to learning new things next week so I can use them in my experiment explanation. I am also looking forward to seeing my results of my experiment.

Weekly Reflection #3

Another week of school just ended. This week we mostly concentrated on own it. Own it is when the teachers let you plan your day, but with a limited amount of choices. Therefore, by the end of the week you should be finished with all the tasks. (you also have to put your time limit and your end result.)For instance, this week our teacher gave us the choices of doing math tasks #2, passion product, reading analysis and classroom design. I think that this week was more interesting and challenging then the last one, every week gets harder and harder.


What I thought was interesting this week is the own it and classroom design. Classroom design is when we redesign the classroom in the groups that you were put in. Every group had a different job. For example, class library and material organization. I was put in material organization. In my group we decided to put all the new or unused materials in the closet. Yet, the cabinet didn’t have much levels to put the materials in. So we had to make new ones with the given materials. Me and my partner have not done this before, so we had to study the ones that were already made. Once we understood how to make it, we experimented the different heights. We went through some trial and error. At the end we created 3 levels enough for the stationary. Trial and error is really important when you are trying something new, it helps you reflect on what you did wrong or what what you can do next time. Like walking up and down a staircase, you start in the middle where you know the basics. When you make a mistake you go one step down. When you realize and fix the mistake you will go higher and higher, until you reach your goal.


There was one activity in own it that I really enjoyed. It was not only fun, but also interesting at the same time. The activity is Passion product. In this project you have to make a product related to your passion and personality. I did the homeless, because it represents my empathy for others. I worked with my friend, we had an idea for making food for the homeless but it didn’t work out. So we researched a little more and then we thought of making a tiny short chapter of a book about Hong Kong’s homeless. We chose this because it could make the readers care about the homeless. ( Again, trial and error is included.) On Friday, we shared our projects. One of the projects that I really liked, was the horse riding one. I like this one because it shows how much knowledge the classmate had in horse riding. They also showed their improvements since they started.


What I thought was challenging was a activity from math tasks #2. I thought this was challenging because the instructions were not very clear. But I eventually finished it. I used more time than I expected.


In conclusion, I believe that this week was fun, interesting and challenging. After this weeks experience, I am willing to see what will happen next week.

Camp Reflection

Last week, the whole Grade 5 went to Tai Tam for camp. I was very excited for camp because I wanted to have a fun 3 day sleep over with my friend. We were going to sleep in tents for one night and dorms the other night, I didn’t want to sleep in dorms because I had never experienced it.


At camp I encountered some problems, for example being really hot when I was sleeping in the tents and being homesick. I ended up solving my problems because of trying new things and getting advice from my friends.I solved my sleeping problem by opening the net and the big cover of the tent and all the wind came in, there were also no flies coming in. I solved my homesick problem listening to my friends advice and to think that I am going home soon and if I have fun this day will be finished very quickly.


I learned that if I try I can solve or get over something, for example when I was home sick I really wanted to go home and I didn’t want to sleep at that camp any more, but when I fell asleep I knew I could go home soon. I also learned kayaking, it was really easy to learn . All you needed to know is how to paddle and how to get in, after you can start kayaking but you have to make sure that no water gets in or else you might sink. These two things are the most important things I learned because it was my first time kayaking and I learned a new way to get over homesick, which can help me if I get homesick again.


If I could change something in the camp, I would change how they made lunches that had to be put in our bags for 5 hours in the boiling sun. I think we could come back and make a fresh and refreshing lunch.


If I could go back in time and go back to grade 5 camp, I would want to think that Camp in only for 3 days and I will go home soon, because on the last night of camp I thought of that and went home in a very short time.


Camp was also a very happy experience because I made new friends, found a new way to get over home sick. I also enjoyed spending time with my friends.

Learning Buddies spotlight

May 9th, Our learning Buddies and three other classes had a spotlight in the LLAC, It was about Puppets and nature. The spotlight was based on a story about a girl called Amrita and one day she was sitting by her favorite tree, then woodchoppers came and said “ we are going to cut down your trees.” When they arrived Amrita heard she quickly ran to the village and told her mom everything. When she finished taking Amrita’s mom spreaded the new to every women in the village and ran to the forest to stop the woodchoppers. When the got there they said “don’t cut our trees!”, but they rejected they said and chopped the trees down. When one of the wood choppers were going to chop down Amrita’s favorite tree she hugged it very tightly, so the woodchoppers would not cut it down. The wood choppers later stopped cutting the trees and went to there master. After a few days, the woodchoppers master came to award Amrita’s bravery and after that they had a fun Party with lots of wonderful singing.


What I liked about the Spotlight was that they chose a very interesting story and the background matched it a lot. I like how it was a combination of a roleplay and a puppet roleplay.  I like even though the microphones were not working you did not stop and used a big loud voice. You and the other classes were very committed and confident in the spotlight.

PA Reflection

In our new unit in PA, we learned about elements of dance, light paintings,etc….  Our teacher put us in groups in the start of the unit, because we were going to make a light painting and a dance. A light painting is a dance, but when you dance it there will be lights on your shirt(anywhere on body) and then there is a app and when you take a picture on that app there will be a painting of what shape you did. We also learned about the elements of dance, The elements of dance is Body, Action, Energy, Space, Time.


On the first day and some of the other days of making the dance we first did choreography, we had to draw and explain the dance on a storyboard and the moves had to be patterns. When we planned the dance, it was hard to agree on one move because some of us did not like it. It was also hard to make up the moves because we had to think of some that other groups did not do. We communicated a lot when we were making the dance. On the other days we practiced.


To Reflect we had a lot of disagreeing, but we still cooperated and communicated. Next time I think our group should be more cooperative and we should agree more on what we have.


Camp at Treasure Island(Reflection)

On March 29th grade 4 went to Treasure Island for camp, We were there for three days and two nights. I have been looking forward to this day since they told grade 4 about camp.


On the day of camp I was all packed and ready to go, once I arrived at school I brought all my stuff down to  the 7th floor so I don’t need to bring it in my classroom. We had to bring our day bags to our classroom, the day bag was used for putting the stuff we need for when we have activities in the daytime or night . The reason we use the day bag is so we don’t need to hold our stuff, in our daybag there is a 1 liter water bottle, an extra towel, an extra t-shirt, a rain jacket/jacket, mosquito repellent, sunscreen etc…… After we put down our luggages we had to go to our classrooms and wait for the bus to come, when the bus arrived the classes came down one by one.  


The ride from our school to Pui O(where Treasure Island is) was more than 1 hour, since I was so excited the ride felt like thirty min. When I got there was a lot of cow and buffalo poop on the floor, I also saw a lot of buffalos walking on a green field. There was only one cow there called Billy, he had brown covered all over him so he was easy to spot. When we got to the place where all the tents are supposed to be put up we got introduced to our leaders for three days, I was with a girl she was Canadian.


The first activity we did was putting up our tents and we got to know who was in your tent. I was with two girls they are really good friends, after we did that we moved our tent to make so it wouldn’t be in a random place, later we did some water games and finally we moved in. On the two other days we did stuff like surfing, raft building,twilight activities(games we do at night) etc… I had some trouble doing stuff over time but luckily I had a friend who help me and supported me in almost everything.


What I enjoyed in camp was sleeping with my friend for the first time, beach clean up and raft building.I also went surfing it was my first time. I think I will remember the time when I slept with my friends for the first time.I found taking a bath and  packing up the most challenging because on the second day I was in the shower with my friend and I just put on my soup and then I had to get out and wash it in another toilet with my friend, when we got back to the campsite we had two min to change. The reason I don’t like packing up because it was so much clothes I had to hang stuff on my luggage. While I was in camp I learned how to be more independent and  I was better at time management. I had a really fun time in camp.

Commercial Project

Few weeks ago, 4B started making commercials in groups. I was in a group of four, we had trouble choosing the product because we all had different ideas in mind. We first had to agree on 1 product, we first made our product a bamboo water bottle,then we made it into a bamboo toothbrush called the Bossy Brush. The specialty of our product was that it had a toothpaste inside so you don’t need to buy a toothpaste, this can also make your luggage lighter and you will have more space for your other stuff. The Bossy Brush is not made out of plastic it’s made out of Bamboo, so it’s more friendly to the planet.


There was a short process till we got to Filming the commercials, In our first step we had to plan, then we had to storyboard, rehearsing(did not need to rehearse), then we had to film and at last we had to edit in iMovie. The process my group is in now is the filming.    


In our commercial I was playing as a little girl who’s tooth fell of, my friend played as my friend my friend who help me fix my tooth. My two other friends were the dentist. In our first scene me and my friend were at the movies eating popcorn and  When I chewed the popcorn my tooth fell out, so me and my friend went to the toilet to look at her tooth… (Don’t want to spoil the whole thing)


What I learned during the filming process was how to use green screen and I also learned about filming techniques. Filming techniques are angles you use to film with, for example close up. The reason my group chose this product was because it was interesting and fun.





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