Commercial Project

Few weeks ago, 4B started making commercials in groups. I was in a group of four, we had trouble choosing the product because we all had different ideas in mind. We first had to agree on 1 product, we first made our product a bamboo water bottle,then we made it into a bamboo toothbrush called the Bossy Brush. The specialty of our product was that it had a toothpaste inside so you don’t need to buy a toothpaste, this can also make your luggage lighter and you will have more space for your other stuff. The Bossy Brush is not made out of plastic it’s made out of Bamboo, so it’s more friendly to the planet.


There was a short process till we got to Filming the commercials, In our first step we had to plan, then we had to storyboard, rehearsing(did not need to rehearse), then we had to film and at last we had to edit in iMovie. The process my group is in now is the filming.    


In our commercial I was playing as a little girl who’s tooth fell of, my friend played as my friend my friend who help me fix my tooth. My two other friends were the dentist. In our first scene me and my friend were at the movies eating popcorn and  When I chewed the popcorn my tooth fell out, so me and my friend went to the toilet to look at her tooth… (Don’t want to spoil the whole thing)


What I learned during the filming process was how to use green screen and I also learned about filming techniques. Filming techniques are angles you use to film with, for example close up. The reason my group chose this product was because it was interesting and fun.





The 4B Spotlight

4B had been making a performance about recorders in performing art. We chose our theme to be the Amazing Race. For people who don’t know what the Amazing Race is, it’s an event where pairs go around the world to complete challenges. If you don’t pass the challenge, you will be eliminated. The first ones to pass the finish line will win a 100,000 USD and the runner up team will get 25,000 USD. Instead of naming our show the Amazing Race, we named it “The Amazing Musical race”.


What went well was everyone memorized their lines and we did not make a lot mistakes and if we made a mistake we didn’t stop. We could improve on speaking louder, not turning our backs to the audience and not moving the curtains. What I enjoyed about this experience was performing on stage.


4B Assembly

On September 23rd , We had our 4B Assembly. It was based about the 8 different Multiple Intelligences, it is about 4 kids who try a new game gets sucked inside the game about Multiple Intelligences.

The Multiple Intelligences are:

-Verbal Linguistic








To get out of the game they have to pass the 8 different challenges, for example Mathematical Logical. The people how host that topic will ask them some questions. I hosted Intrapersonal with my friend. We had fun and worked hard on this.   

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